You Need To Know Before Buying Your Domain Name

You Need To Know Before Buying Your Domain Name

Nowadays, people are making use of the internet. Either you are using the internet for personal or business reasons; there is no doubt how powerful it is. Because of the internet, gathering information can be done easily and communication is much faster. Sending a message is just a click away.

The business people are among of those who get the most benefits of the internet. Selling their products or services can be done easily. All the advertisement and marketing strategies can be executed online. And of course, companies can now effectively reach their target audience from the different corners of the world.

For online businesses, websites are very important since they serves as your store or company online. However, a website cannot be completely published online without the domain name. A domain name represents the website address of your company and in most cases, may also represent the name of your company, guiding the visitors on where to go to check the products and services that you are offering.

If you want to really have a website that stands out, then do not just focus on the web design but also on the domain name. A domain name is as important as the web design and finding the appropriate domain name for your company might not be as simple as what you thought it can be. Since thousands of domain names have been sold, finding the best domain name can be a little frustrating procedure. Here are some of the things that you need to consider in formulating your domain name.


No matter what industry you are in, competition is unavoidable. And in order for your business to survive, you need to make your own move to stand out despite the competition. Thus, you must create a unique domain name. Do not pick a domain name that is closely identical to the others. Since you are building a brand, the best way to build it effectively and strongly is to have a domain name that is as unique as your business.


While you are striving for uniqueness, do not use a complicated domain name. As much as possible, avoid combining numerals and alphabets in the domain name. Make it simple for the visitors to remember it easily. Keeping it short as well, for not more than 14 characters, is one of the best ways to keep it simple.


The domain name of your website must be relevant to the purpose or content of your website. By doing so, the visitors will be guided and can easily identify your website. Create it in such a way that when the visitors see the domain name, they can easily identify the content of your website.

Domain Extension

Different options for domain extensions specific for business websites include .com, .net, and .biz. There are also .org and .edu. You can choose depending on the purpose of your website. However, the very ideal domain extension is .com since it is widely used and your visitors will surely remember it easily.


Do not use to lengthy domain name because it might become ineffective. The purpose of creating shorter ones is to make allow the visitors to remember it easily. You need to keep in mind that too lengthy article may also lead to misspelling of the website address. Once the domain name is misspelled, the visitors cannot access your website and you’ll surely lose potential audience. Short domain name, aside from being simple, is also easy to type.


Domain name separators such as hyphens must be avoided as much as possible. Aside from the fact that it might be overlooked by the visitors, hyphens only make your website appear unprofessional. However, if you do not have another option but to use hyphen, especially when the domain name you wanted was already taken, you can use it. Aside from hyphen, a common separator that is being used by few website owners is underscore. It is up to you which one to use.

Purchase Immediately

Once you have finally decided on what domain name to use, do not wait for another day, and purchase it immediately. Remember that in the internet world, domain name is very important and one domain can only be used once. Thus, you might miss out the perfect domain name for your website. Do not allow it to happen because you might end up having the most unprofessional domain name.

Other Factors

Aside from the above-mentioned factors, there are other things that you must consider in creating your domain name. You can apply SEO and keyword research as well in finding the right domain name. Conduct a keyword research for your domain name because by using the right keywords, your website will become easily identified by the search engines. Thus, it can be a great factor that would help your website to rank higher in the search engine and it would help you generate significant traffic.

In most cases, since you are new, people do not know who you are and to overcome this, you need to advertise and do a lot of marketing works. Thus, you must plan everything before making your website visible online. If you are working with many people in the organization, you can ask some of their opinions on what domain name to use for your website. Asking opinion is great, just don’t forget the factors that you need to consider.

If you are not confident enough with your domain name choice, then you can ask some help or second opinion from the experts. Also, if you are too lazy to think for a domain name, most companies, where you register your domain name, can generate the domain names that are available for your website, either personal or commercial. Some of them are not unique but at least, it can give you some ideas and you can modify the suggested domain name according to your preferences. Remember to keep the domain name unique, short and simple.