Why You Need A Domain Name?

Why You Need A Domain Name

If compared to other technologies that many individuals turn to for data e.g. television, books, newspapers, and radio, the net is by fast the place where lots of people worldwide will resort to for getting the answers to their questions. It’s because the net is the only place where you will able to get the information that you need no matter what topic it would be and wherever you are. Another reason is that you can access the net without limitation and is not restricted only to those who have their own pc or laptops. Thousands of individuals can access the net using their handheld devices such as iPods, smartphones, and others.

Lots of people who visit the net on a daily basis will most likely visit social sites, which offer free email services or those that provide real-time chat as well as IP telephony. However, not lots of people are consciously aware on the truth that if they visit these sites they are patronizing content which dwells on a domain name owned by someone, for instance, www.anotherpersondomainname.com with “anotherpersondomainname” as the name of the website that you visit, lots of people are not aware that they can have their own website and place data for others to read.

This post will present you the advantages of having a personal website.


On the contrary to what many people thought, the monthly price related with maintaining a personal domain name is very cheap and can be as little as $10 monthly depending on the website hosting provider that you prefer. This price is very affordable and many people will be able to afford to pay for it without worrying.


Lots of people choose to sign up with providers that provide ‘free” sites such as www.yourdomainhost.com/yourwebpage. This type of arrangement has clear weaknesses. To start with, you have definitely no power over the “root” domain like www.yourdomainhost.com. Next, these firms will most likely provide you with the page template where it designs your pages which might not enable you to modify the sites you like. Lastly, if the domain service where your page is hosted was to stop working your website no matter the amount of traffic you have successfully sent to your websites. In contrast, if you own a website you will have control which enables you to make, submit, amend and remove content as you like and the great part is that nobody can take away the domain name from you as long as you keep your subscription with the domain hosting provider

Personal Branding

Promoting yourself or your company differentiates you from the rest. The personal site will aid in achieving this as well as other businesses and individuals that will take you seriously. The good thing about having personal branding is that you will get personalized email addresses intended for your domain.

Global Follower

Upon establishing your presence on the net, you expose yourself right away to a global audience and if you begin drawing traffic to your site you will be amazed at the fast growth which your site can get. The best way to enhance traffic to your site is to include a blog.