Why Does My Cat Trill?

    Do you know Cats communicate through a lot of ways? For different reasons, cat creates different sounds for communication to understand it’s owner. While they can make many sounds to intended to the human or their owners but that sounds also make a communication with other cats.

    Any time you will wake up for hearing the sound of your pet cat which will growl or create meow sound loudly then you have to understand that there is a problem with your pet.

    Those sounds are like repetitive and have kind of loud. You may wonder for reason and will get confused about it. It is called trilling and your cat will make it as noise to gives you the attention. Your cat wants to try gives attention to you by giving greeting or any other types of notices. Besides, your cat also trills when you return home or go to a travel with your cat. Actually, this trilling is positive.

    Many of pet owners have a question that what trilling is? Cat use “urrrr” sound to make attention like we use ‘hello’ word to others for attention. This sound can be mixed with another purr sound. For making this sound, cats learn from their mother. This sounds like a greeting to other person or other cats and if they once learned this sound then they do it forever until alive.

    credit: Care2

    Cats can make this sound anytime when they playing, getting rubbed, or getting food from the owner.Whenever your pet sees you or in the morning time cats creates the sound. For gaining attention or response from the owner is the sole purpose of the trill. Cats make trill continuously if you are not given any attention to them.

    Cats might be giving the sounds to give attention or greeting to the owner and they can do it in their own way. But, this trill can mean much more than issues. When cats are very young then they can that sound. Cats are when the child that time they learn this sound from their mothers for the first time. Sometimes mother cats use this sound for calling their kittens if they do not get them. And those time the kittens can learn the sound.

    See the below-mentioned reasons of trilling:

    • An expression
      The expression makes by feeling when anyone can see some different or interesting things. When the cat sees interesting or new things in the new environment that it likes personally and make the sound. So the owner of the pet should understand that why their pet does trilling.
    • For attention
      Cats are the kind of animals that need attention. It is true that Cats are also that animal which needs attention. The funniest fact is that if cat’s owner does not give much attention to their cats so their pet gets really depressed and feel sad. As a result, they make this sound.
    • Talking
         It is the very great matter that the cat is always like to talk and reply to their owner. if you do not talk for a long time with your cat then the cat makes the sound as trilling.


    If you can not find out the reason behind the trilling of your cat then you must visit a vet and know details from the professional doctor. Your pet may affect some issue or disease and it trying to understand to you by trilling.