What you need to know before buying a domain and web hosting?

know before buying a domain and web hosting

Those are new or willing to make a new website always they face a problem and that is where they can get a good web hosting. From whom we are going to buy domain will they support us well and effectively. Or how to continue with less cost. In recently I’ve bought a domain with less amount and fall in a loss. That’s why to make everyone aware today I’m giving this post. So, before starting the main discussion at first we have to know that what is domain and hosting?

Suppose if we compare a website with a home then we can say that hosting is a land. Where the home will be built. And domain is the address of that home. Suppose my home address is X and if you know the address of my home then you will easily step to my home very easily. Like this way if you know about a web address then you can easily browse the website by browsing the web address. Now the point is that if you buy a land before making home and beside the land a Puddles or streams also have. You also bought the land in a very reasonable price. Now think in such land will be perfect for your home? You can understand. If you buy anything in a cheaper rate then in such things cannot be effective for you. So let’s start to know that what are the problem we can face when we are going to buy so reasonable domain and hosting. To my personal experience,

1. There are frequently you will get down server. To enter the site you may face long loading time. In fact, in such downtime is not for long time. But it will create a bad impact to your Site SEO. You will loss so many visitors. If visitors will get in such downtime or overloading problem to your site when they are trying to enter the website then they will not be interest to enter your website in next time.

2. You can face problem to know your IP. This is a common problem for cheap hosting. If you host your website to In such hosting then you will not able to load your site from different IP. As a result what can be happened you can understand!!

3. Another problem is that without showing any reason your site will be deleted at any moment. If your site will be deleted which is the result of your hard work then it is better to take free hosting.
You can also face problem for your domain.

Yes, Domain can also be problematic. At first, you can face problem in DNS. You can also face problem-related with your IP.

Where is the problem of free hosting? Whey you should not use free hosting?

1. For making professional web hosting free web hosting cannot give you perfect solution.

2. Free hosting also can delete your site without giving any notice and reasons. When their CPU will be raised then you can remain assured that your account or site will also be destroyed.

3. Another problem is the very common problem. When your website will be loaded with lot of visitors then your website will be slow. In such website will not get returning visitors.

4. But for practicing you can use free web hosting. But In such case I’ve one thing to say. In free web hosting you will not get any C panel. That’s why you will not able to introduce with your C panel interface. Also you will not be benefited with your C-panel facilities.

5. I’ve used free web hosting before more than 1 year before using paid hosting. I’ve practised by making different website. I’ve made more than 100 website but those all are not available now, very sad.

Now let’s move to know that what should we keep in mind when going to buy domain hosting.
You should keep in mind that how is the previous record of those people from whom you are going to buy your hosting and domain. How is their life support? There are many who are promising to give you 24/7 customer care support but later they will not keep their promise. Try to keep away ownself from cheap domain or hosting. Those company will give you services fro whole year will never agree to give you domain or hosting at a very cheap rate.

That means cheap is bad!!! Never!! I don’t think so. I was bought my first domain just in #1.99. I was bought it from NameCheap. Yet, I did not face any problem with it. There are so many different and big companies they are offering their services for different occasions. But you should keep in mind that this price is not a regular price. You may get the less rate just for the 1st year. From next year you have to pay regular price.

At least want to say that for buying a domain or hosting your have to take information for the company from where you are going to buy. You can take the suggestion from experts or experienced person. Because when you will buy the domain and hosting then you have to pay hard work for making the website and that’s why we are not willing to lose our website.

We all have to learn about such things. There are different ways to learn. Some person learns by viewing and some learn by doing.

Some suggestion for domain hosting and review: For domain, my first choice is NameCheap. Their 24/7 customer support is very good. In such website have the good interface. The big thing is that on such website does not create any problem. I’ve taken the domain from them and still using from last 2 years. I never feel any problem. Their DNS updated very quickly. You can easily setup record by the name server or IP. Another good thing is that you can easily create the unlimited subdomain from their domain panel.

For their .com domain regular price is 10.69 USD/YEAR.
Address: http://www.namecheap.com
My second choice is GODADDY: Frequently they sell their domain at a very cheap price. You can easily grab in such offer if you want. www.godaddy.com

Credit: godaddy

But their website interface I don’t like so much. I have also used their hosting. It also seems to problematic. To setup site, domain ad or on is very disturbing. For the beginner it cannot be suitable. You have to wait for several minutes after adding or on to a domain. It shows pending in this time. During site setup giving a password , setting up myql is really very problematic.

HostGator: Hostgator is my another choice. Its interface is really very easy. Its C panel is linux based. Its site is always up and always very fast. Its address is www.hostgator.com

Credit: hostgator
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