What Should Do Before Your Child Begins Piano Lessons

What Should Do Before Your Child Begins Piano Lessons

Are you planning to enroll your children to piano lessons? Giving children the rare opportunity of learning piano is just like providing them an avenue to discover themselves and enhance whatever musical talent they have. If you are wondering what piano could do to children, here are a few of its benefits.


Piano Lessons Will Aid In Developing And Preserving Children’s Creative Abilities

The most perfect analogy to this is “The Singing Life of Birds” book by Donald Kroodsma. Each of the songbirds is identified through a particular song; however, their babies have to be trained by their parents as to the most appropriate way of singing their unique family song. Like human beings, baby birds babble during their early days. Their mothers would sing their theme song repetitively for the babies to get it. In the beginning, the babies will sing just a note or two only; however, with repetition they are able to learn the song eventually. In the event that their babies get to learn the song with mastery, they could now develop a unique tune for themselves. In the same way, children will be encouraged to make their own kind of music right after learning the fundamental piano skills.

Piano Lessons Will Produce Perseverance

A critical factor in accomplishing difficult tasks is never to surrender. While children are growing, these lessons could teach children to try and try again until they achieve success. However, the main objective is not only to try but to accomplish the goal. Many piano lessons actually teach children to adjust expectations especially when they could not master a song or a skill in the first try. With the value they have learned, they will be able to overcome complex goals through small steps.

Piano Lessons Will Make Children Become Focused

If children will learn to play the piano, they will be able to learn to skill of setting goals and work hard to reach it. Each music piece the child is able to learn needs a set of playing habits and skills. In order to achieve all of these goals, the students should learn how to be focus on the piano lessons as well as study the notes, phrase, and measure in order for them to play the song well. By doing this, children will learn to creatively and critically think while making a decision of putting music as a big part of their life.

Piano Lessons Will Help Children Master Their Learning Processes

Music actually is a form of language and all children are set to absorb all possible forms of languages. Piano lessons will assist these children learn the skills required to accomplish important tasks as reading. In learning the piano, children will also learn the process of following directions, scanning written materials, thinking critically, creating solutions, and translating written information into actions. Numerous children have become better readers right after having piano lessons. Moreover, most lessons involve the actions of both brain hemispheres which could stimulate neural development.

Piano Lessons Will Help Children Have Courage

It needs the virtue of courage to overcome the challenges without allowing worries and anxiety to get into us. These lessons will help children learn the skill of accepting challenges like learning a tough song as well as playing with audience watching. Piano lessons, further, help children acknowledge the importance of having a perspective that is bright and positive despite all of the present difficulties.

After knowing what benefits could piano lessons bring unto children, below are important things which any interested person should learn, buy, do and decide even before enrolling their children for piano lessons.

Getting into completing this particular checklist will improve your children’s learning ability. Once you are able to do these, you will be considered an equipped parent supporting a child who is about to nurture a brand new skill.

  1. Make certain that your kid knows his alphabet especially the first seven letters which are A, B, C, D, E, F, G. generally, these are not covered in piano’s first set of lessons; however, if the kid is able to understand that his musical alphabet are A B C D E F G A B C D E F G A B and so on, they will be able to skip at least half of the first lesson’s coverage. Further, when your kid could understand that these notes could be rearranged according to what the musical piece says, then he will be able to skip a lot of lessons within his first year of learning the piano.
  2. Purchase a piano. This might not or might seem like the most obvious thing to do. Just in case you need further justification, here it is. Your kid will not be able to practice his progress if you do not have your own piano in the house with which he could make use of during piano lesson practices. Hence, until you are able to buy a piano, do not ever bother enrolling your kid for piano lessons. Ideally, you will have to purchase an excellent acoustic piano; however, there may be some reasons as to why you will most probably opt for the digital piano. A lot of people prefer acoustic pianos because it could do a lot of tasks which digital pianos could not do such as capturing harmony every single time the keys are depressed silently.
  3. Buy a piano bench/piano stool, and chair which height is adjustable. Sitting on a bench with just the right measurement for height is a critical part of playing the instrument effortlessly and comfortably. Sitting with a height that is appropriate could hamper the pianist from making beautiful sounds. Just remember never to make your kid get used to putting cushions on top of the chair because this might affect his playing skill if he will be on a chair without the usual cushion.

Learning piano lessons has created a hallmark in many individual’s childhood days. The advantages of learning to play the piano will go beyond musical instrument education. These benefits will be carried over until they mature towards adulthood.

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