What is Vic Magary?

What is Vic Magary

Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Along with the siren sound, shocking everyone from a deep sleep seven days a week. You use the bathroom for only five minutes and are ready for all the frenzied work of the day. Breakfast in five, lunch in five and dinner in five and add to that no snacks in between. All of this with the unbelievable amount of exercises and work that is supposed to be done will sure make you lose a lot of weight. Responsibility, discipline, and will power are what Vic Magary learned at the army.

 Vic Magary 

After being trained in the army at Benning, Georgia going through basic training to become an infantry soldier, Vic Magary has learned a lot from this lifestyle and how to stay fit and healthy. He has learned a lot of secrets about food that made him lose about twenty-five pounds in only eight weeks. This made him start to write a book covering all the secrets that make you lose weight and stay fit and healthy. This book is called “31 Days Fat Loss Cure”. Through this book, Vic can help you lose all the weight and belly fat in only 31 days.

What did he learn from serving in the army? 

During Vic’s time in the army, Vic has learned that most vegetables can be eaten with no limits if no fat added, like spinach, broccoli, cucumbers and a lot more. Also, fruits can be added to your diets as some fruits will also give you no worries for gaining weight if you eat them during the day like apples for example, or blueberries or even grapefruits which are actually known to burn calories. However, there are some fruits that one should avoid, which are melons, bananas, mangoes, and honeydew.

In addition to that, the amount of meat that goes into your stomach. Everyone should watch out for how much meat they eat per day because a lot of meat and hinder the process of weight loss. Whether, meat, fish or chicken, you should eat reasonable quantity per day which is 4-6 ounces per day. I think that should be enough to make you satisfied. Another important thing that he learned at the army is that eating nuts is very important for your body but you better watch it. For instance, you can have eight almonds per day, which are about the right amount to eat but they should be raw with no added sugar, oil or salt. Above all, you should avoid all the junk food and limit the amount of bread, pasta, and rice as much as you can.

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