What is Difference Between ATM Debit and Credit Card

Difference Between ATM Debit and Credit Card

At first for newcomer I’ve given here some basic idea. About ATM most of the new user or new person can ask question that what is ATM? So let’s describe first that what is ATM…………..

What is ATM?

The word ATM means “Automated Teller Machines”. In a straight word we can say that it is money machine. Is it seems to you weird? Actually this is true issue and I will explain it slowly.

By keeping the demand of present customer for 24 hours, weekly 7 days and 12 months in a day “Automated teller Machines” has growth on. In the place of different street in different place in such booth was made and its entire work process is being organized through different kinds of banks.

By ATM customer of banks are able to get non stop banking services and there are not need to employ more workers in the office for banking process and by this process it is possible to make 24 hours banking and that’s why among in the world this is a very popular method.
The most effective benefit of ATM is that by it you will able to withdraw money form any part of this world. Nowadays ATM visa, master card or American express and different gateway support it.

For withdrawing money from ATM there are use a particular plastic card. In such plastic card contains a particular sensor which we are saying debit or credit card and which is one our running bank. By the passing of time the uses of Debit and credit card is becoming very popular. Particularly for not having the risk of carrying cash money the popularity of using ATM has been increasing very rapidly.

Not only it, By this card you will able to buy or sell products from from online and also will able to do different kinds of important work. Due to not having very clear idea about debit and credit card frequently we are not able to understand the difference between them. Below I’ve tried to describe some points about debit card and credit card.

Debit Card: By debit card we understand that it is an ATM card that have given by relevant bank organization. The holder of this card owner only able to withdraw money from their bank that he/she was kept on that bank previously. This card user will able to use it for buying different products beside withdraw money from ATM and that’s why through worldwide its popularity is really high.

Credit Card: By credit card we can understand that this is an ATM card given by any bank to any person on which he/she can able to use a certain amount of money that has given as a loan to the person in according to some certain rules. Generally for using too much money or product for getting services people use credit card.

Difference between debit and credit card: There are so many people frequently becomes confused that what is debit card and what is credit card and what are the difference among them. For in such people I’m saying very easily that when you use debit card you spend money from your own bank or account and when you use credit card you use the money from bank that will be counted as a loan and that’s why you have to pay the loan in a certain period of time. The benefits of credit card is that you don’t need to take borrow from anyone.