What is Android & What is an Android phone?

What is Android?

The evolution of world is not complete without the presence of mobile phone. Especially nowadays that people are too dependent in the mobile phones in their daily routine, without it seems to be impossible. Just imagine that advantages brought about by mobile phones, by just simply pressing a key, everything will follow as you wanted. However, together with the changes in the world are also some transformations with the mobile world. And this includes the introduction of Android, but what is Android and what are the advances it makes with the old mobile phone model?

If you happened to ask what is android, then the following information will tell you some notable benefits it brought and you’ll surely appreciate it as a mobile phone user.

There is a variety of application with the android phone. Unlike with the old model of cellular phones, application is too limited since the company who made the phone only has the access. Thus, the buyer cannot control the apps that are already stored in the phone. But with android, the company has no control with the apps at all that are stored in the phone. Therefore, the user can download any apps that are suitable for their phone without worrying any extra pay – all is free as long as the apps is of free download. And it only means that the user also of the phone can save money.

Take note of the facts that if ever the cellular phone has very limited apps, the company cannot give high price for the phone – the more apps available, the more expensive the phone is. But since android apps are downloadable, so it means price is cheaper and affordable – because there are no apps stored in the phone. If ever you still don’t get the idea behind the price of the phone, then you should know that prices depends on the apps stored – the less apps, the cheaper the phone while the more apps, the more costly the phone is.

In case that you still have some questions about what is Android really and why prefer it over other mobile phone available in the market, then you can freely visit the official website. You can surely get the information you needed and all your questions regarding it will be answered.

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