What Are Types Of Web Hosting Services?

Types Of Web Hosting Services

The web hosting industry has dominated an enormous range of niche markets for several years now. It could be a shared hosting or a dedicated hosting and all the other types in between, each kind of web hosting has its specific disadvantages and advantages.

Shared Hosting – The Easy to Use, Cost effective and Feature Rich Type

Whether you call it traditional, normal or regular hosting, shared hosting is the most popular web hosting service on the net. Actually, a huge majority of the sites you may encounter in the net is operating in this kind of platform. As the name suggests, it is a service agreement where you share your bandwidth, various network resources and disk space capacity with other paying clients. The outline of this model equates into a minimal cost solution which is basically easy to maintain for the most less experienced of users. Even though the price is actually reasonable, these packages do not slack on power, since it comes loaded with a group of useful features. The economic value, hassle free idea and simplicity makes shared hosting a good option for several individuals and small businesses.

Reseller Hosting – Great Profit Potential

Reseller hosting provides the small businesses and entrepreneurs a chance to generate profit coming from flourishing web hosting market. As a reseller, you buy a service scheme from a hosting provider equipped with a particular quantity of disk storage, features and bandwidth. It provides you the ammunition you require to sell web hosting plans to clients searching to build their existence online.

This type of arrangement is very encouraging because of the great income it generates and you only need to pay a flat fee. If choosing a respectable web hosting service, a reseller account may run seamlessly and very transparent to provide you the presence of a huge established company.

VPS Hosting – Great Performance and Enormous Power

A virtual Private Server or VPS is a fast emerging technology in the web hosting industry. It is made by software which separates one physical server to create multiple virtual servers in it. Virtualization, is the process as a result of several isolated environments with the capability to work several functions as a single machine.

A VPS tends to offer more assured resources, great performance and safety as compared to your normal shared platform at a reasonable price as compared to a dedicated server. With these things in mind, several views a VPS as the ideal compromise between dedicated and shared web hosting.

Dedicated Hosting – The Best in Flexibility, Responsibility and Control

The opposite of shared hosting is the dedicated web hosting. Instead of dividing the server to others the hardware is intended exclusively only to your website needs. Because you are not forced to share resources, this type of hosting can offer you with the best level of control, performance and flexibility. It is an agreement where you can select your own operating system, set up your software application, and include the safety mechanisms you feel will give the server with the best security.