What are the Hosting Features that are Essential to your Business?

Hosting Features that are Essential to your Business

Most of the online business is on a budget and they are looking for a hosting plan that does not require them to pay that much. Before deciding which hosting provider you will get it is best to explore first some of the hosting features that are essential to your online business. Below are some of the helpful ideas about the essential hosting features and how to avail discounts tips.

Essential Hosting Features

Unlimited bandwidth – as your website grows you surely don’t want to worry about bandwidth. Thus getting unlimited bandwidth will remove a lot of burden off your mind. If in case you have exceeded the assigned bandwidth to a shared hosting service, you are in danger in having your site suspended. No website simply means no profit. You will then have to transfer your site to another hosting provider and this is not a fun thing to do.

Unlimited Email accounts and FTP – your staff might need an extra email and FTP accounts. You will be able to create professional looking email accounts for each of your staff. For example, you can have “sales” for your salesman, and for your tech staff “support” and others. Putting up added accounts must be a piece of cake in the cPanel control panel.

Unlimited domain hosting – other hosting plans have only one domain in every account. Which means that you can host one website with your account. However, what if you are thinking of expanding your online business? What if in case you need to start a new webpage? The unlimited domain hosting will enable you to expand and grow without limits.
Shell access – it is said to be an advanced feature and only a few webmasters know how to utilize the shell. However, SSH may come in very handy if you want to do maintenance tasks like backing up of databases or modifying file permissions. Dependable web hosting providers usually provide Shell access for free.

Availing Web Hosting Discounts

Now you are thinking of ways how you will avail the above features without shedding off the big amount of money. If you check on the net you will find out that a shared hosting service comprising the above attributes will cost you $10 monthly or even more. You may lower the charges by using web hosting coupons in a smart manner.

Tip # 1 Use the appropriate coupon. There are some coupons that provide you a direct discount on the hosting charges. For example, if the charge is $100 and you use a coupon which gives a $25 off, you will be paying $75 only.

The other type of coupon is a percentage of the total bill. For instance, if the bill is $100 and you use a coupon which gives 10% off, then you will be paying $90 at checkout.

Tip # 2 Pay yearly. There are many payment methods available. You can choose between paying quarterly, monthly, semi-yearly or yearly. Definitely, if you decide to pay yearly, you will have the best discount. On the other hand, if you pay monthly you will end up paying more. In order to avail of the best discount choose to pay yearly and then use a percentage based coupon. That will definitely result in a substantial discount.