What are the Health Benefits of Marriage!

Are you suffering from so many health problems?? One easy solution is to get married. It can seem to you wired but it is true that there are so many health advantages of marriage. Men and women both of needs to get married for their good health. Happy marriage life reduces depression, panic, annoyance. Let’s get to know the health benefits of marriage.

Increases in life expectancy

A lot of studies have shown that married person is long survival than unmarried. There are not any specific reasons found for survival for a length of a married person. But there is an idea that due to having a lot of health benefits man’s body stay healthy and that’s why increases in life expectancy.

Keeps body well 

Married persons are less affected by a runny nose, cough, flu, migraine etc. Not only that; marriage is less risky to affect by body cancer, heart diseases, and heart attack. By implementing research on health condition, type of taking care of health and recovering time in 17 countries patients, a researcher found these results. The married person can help each other to leave all the bad habits of smoking, alcohol etc and this reason can be one good reason to recover and stay healthy and also to make well habits.

Mental health remains well: married personas are less risky to be affected by mental illness. In 1991, an American study has found that there are fewer depressions or mental illness among happy couples than unmarried or divorced people.

In 1991, an American study has found that unmarried or divorced people with depression or other psychological problems than their less happy couples who have more. Married couples can discuss with one another to get the solution for any problem and they never suffer from loneliness and that’s why their mental health remains well than unmarried persons.

Heart condition: A statement has published on “European Journal of Preventive Cardiology” a magazine of heart issue of Turako university hospital in Finland that married a person is less risky then unmarried to be affected by heart attack and even if the married person is affected by heart attack they recover soon than unmarried persons.

University Hospital in Finland, researchers Heart of turako Magazine ‘, European Journal of Preventive Cardiology’ expresses the risk of heart attack than married people than singles. Illness recovers soon Studies have shown that when a married person becomes ill they recover earlier than unmarried persons. Taking care of each other during illness is counted as the reason behind it. That’s why married person recovers from any disease more than any other.There are also some health benefits of marriage due to regular physical intercourse.

Let’s allocate about some health benefits of regular physical intercourse-

⦁ In a week having the physical relationship in two days greatly reduces the chances of heart attack of a man.

⦁ Regular physical relation reduces the pain of body.

⦁ Regular physical relation makes the body by increasing the number of IgA antibodies which is vital to prevent disease.

⦁ Physical relation removes fatigue and makes mental happiness.

⦁ After Physical relation sleep becomes comfort and peaceful and it increases overall physical fitness.

⦁ To loss fat or extra weight from body Physical relation intercourse can help a lot because in each time of Physical relation intercourse at least 80 calories are lost.

⦁ During Physical relation bit of heart increases and that’s why blood circulation increases in the different parts of the body.

⦁ During Physical relation due to additional testosterone physical relation becomes exciting and we know all it but many of us don’t know due to the same issue our bone becomes strong, cholesterol comes to a controlling level and heart remains well.

⦁ Physical relation at least three times a week may reduce the age of ten years. By reading all of the above health benefits of getting married we all have to marry just in the right age to keep our health well.