Weight Loss Tips – 5 Simple Tips on How to Lose Weight

Weight Loss Tips: 5 Simple Tips On How To Lose Weight

You already know the principles behind weight loss and the simple tips on how to lose weight. That is to lessen your calorie intake while expending more calories, thus frequently engaging into physical activities. You might also wonder why most diet schemes and weight loss ideas are not guaranteed to lose you some weight.

If you are desperate, here are 5 Simple Tips on How to Lose Weight that are compiled from based on the expert’s opinions:

  1. Keep track of what you ate for at least one week

It has been proven from many studies that when you keep track of what you have eaten, you will be more conscious of what to eat next time. It is even better if you put it in writing like a diary. In this way, you will be able to cut down on foods that are contributing a lot of calories and focus on healthy ones.

  1. Regulate your eating behavior accordingly

If you have your diary already, you will be able to gauge yourself and thus, you will be able to regulate your eating behavior. It is not easy to lose weight because you will have to be disciplined in terms of eating; however it is more difficult to lack self-esteem due to your affected appearance. All you have to do is sacrifice.

  1. Get a friend or loved one to be challenged

Being able to shed some fats on your own is great, but it is not complete if you don’t have someone to brag to. Lose some weight ala “Biggest Loser” style, where you can dare a buddy to lose weight with you. The tendency is that you will really strive hard to lose those pounds because you have the pride and you don’t want to be defeated in a challenge. In this way, you will have a motivation to expel those extra fats away.

  1. Create a mantra for yourself

They say that what you think is what you will achieve. They call it self-fulfilling prophecy. It can also be applied in weight loss. The tendency is, if you keep on focusing the things that you cannot do, you will eventually not perform it. Say you will focus on not eating junk foods; you will eventually not eat it. Even if you don’t believe it, repeat some positive phrases to yourself like “I know I can lose weight” or “Time will come that when I look at the mirror, I will not be ashamed of myself anymore”. It will not be too long before you realize that what you have repeatedly spoken to yourself became true.

  1. Lessen your TV hours

When you watch a movie, the tendency is you will munch those foods left in your refrigerator. They say that eating while watching your favorite TV series is a guilty pleasure. Little did you know that almost all of the foods you have eaten are overflowing with calories and are usually overloaded with sugar. The higher number of hours spent on television means a higher probability of eating. Why not sacrifice at least one program and take that time for a stroll? In that way, you will have a change of scenery while losing some pounds.