Weight Loss Supplements Which Do Not Work

If weight loss supplements cannot work to reduce overweight so it is very miserable for all who are tensed with their overweight. We know that overweight is the major reason for many health problems and also reason diabetes, heart problem, and cancers. So we need to take necessary steps to prevention overweight problem. Further, most of us do not take healthy food, does not follow health routine. Many of us do not physical exercise because of our laziness and at last, it becomes the main reason for overweight.

So we take various types of weight loss pills or dietary supplements which helps to prevention overweight problem. We always want good results and by weight loss supplements we want to reduce overweight in quick time. In marketplace, shop or pharmacy we want to buy the best medicine for weight loss. There has various brand of weight loss pills which are very most popular and effective. But there have some weight loss supplements which do not work-

Let know about them-  


Weight loss supplements which are made with Calcium and can work for some time but not all time and for all. Its have lower BMI so we know that it may weight loss. This supplement is not effective for women at all. An effect found in 1000 mg calcium supplementation that proved by some studies and experts said that its deficiency is bad and it will be better than not take it as diet supplements. Eating too much butter and dairy milk for calcium but it may increase body fat and increase weight. High-fat dairy is very tasty but when it took too much it will be cause for overweight.

image credit: Livestrong.com

We know that caffeine is very best to increase energy level, boost metabolism and lower appetite.

Caffeine reduces overweight nicely and also very effective for losing weight. But there is the problem with metabolism booster and it works with stimulants to reduce overweight. It is the main fact or issue for weight loss when stimulants boost metabolism of the body. Experts and researchers said that caffeine is not causin the effect on appetite, food consumption, or blood sugar control in the human body. One more study found that caffeine daily reduces weight for 16 months and it can’t help with either loss or maintenance.

Every person cannot get benefits of it while it originally effective for weight loss but not for all person. Caffeine’s best benefits are mood changer and prevent attraction of junk food. Most of us like to eat too much junk food but it may increase body fat and grow weight. By taking caffeine junk lover people will not affect more for junk food and they can keep their health. Moreover, caffeine can change the mood and anyone get freshness feelings and mood.

if Caffeine can help you to get good feeling so can take it. Otherwise, don’t bother.


In weight loss supplements there are various types of elements to use for dietary pills. One of them is mineral which in stay in chromium. It works for converting carbs and fat to energy. Chromium use in various types of insulin products and it can maintain effectively blood sugar control. But it not properly works for weight loss.

Many experts and researchers claimed that it did not help effectively to reduce overweight and may become side effects.

Green Tea Extract

To reducing body fat and decrease overweight some of us take Green Tea and experts said that its extract would be helpful. But they also said Green Tea does not work properly for reducing overweight. It can effectively boost metabolism to keep good health and it also can burn calories every time.

Unfortunately, Green tea can not weight loss more effectively and it only can reduce the little volume of weight. It can decrease less than 1 pound kg of body and there has no specific evidence of weight loss by Green tea extract. It works like Herbal medicine so it has no more quality for reducing body fat.  By a specific study

Want a specific study? Here’s one. 937 postmenopausal women agree to take green tea extract for reducing the overweight but no good results have found.


It will be very better to know all details about all dietary or weight loss supplements and also take advice from doctor or expert.