Best Web Hosting Service

Best Web Hosting Service

RSC HOST was brought to life by the intention to make way to a unique alternative in terms of Web hosting. All over the web, there are many providers that just offer unstable pricing schemes, difficult to understand technological talk, and not enough methods that ensure the satisfaction of customers. We firmly believe that there is a significant need for an approach that is simpler and friendlier to clients.

RSC HOST was founded and everything else followed. The company has become more progressive with a keen and committed team of brilliant believers who think that good old traditional quality service still brings about the best results. RSC HOST highlights the importance of offering regular business users with great value and excellent customer experience in Web hosting. We do everything that we can in order to make certain that all of our services can be easily used, accessible, and offers value to business. Of course, our group enjoys accomplishing all these.

The same as our company, RSC HOST’s Web hosting plan is totally unique. Our company offers a simple and surefire way of enabling you to have your business website ready on the Internet. To do this, we have a “one plan one price” attitude. The webhosting plan from our company will provide all the requirements that you need just so you can get your special place on the Internet.

A full hosting plan can be too much for some businesses. If you require something that is a bit less, then a smaller plan will be suitable for you, which will offer you with a domain name that comes with an email address that will help you make people aware about your site. An “under construction page” can be posted until you are fully prepared to start full hosting. You can also choose to use a tool that will aid you in creating your very own page such as SiteDelux.

RSC HOST Web Hosting is Totally Friendly to the Environment

It is true that our company is not capable of creating wind power ourselves. Due to this, we did the next best thing that we can do: buy Renewable Energy Certificates or RECs. They reflect the various environmental advantages that are made possible by wind energy. They also minimize the utilization of electricity that is created through fossil fuels.

Individuals here at RSC HOST have started to perform some changes that are definitely eco-friendly. It is our goal to provide support to both customers and employees by lessening the impact that we make to the environment. In other words, your site will also be environment-friendly if you do web hosting with our company.

RSC HOST and the Use of the Latest Technology

Two data centers are used by RSC HOST. More than 2,400 sqft of space are occupied by these centers if combined, and over 800 servers are used. When it comes to storage, there is half a Petabyte which is available. The following are what the equipment in the center:

• Security that is enable 24/7
• Data centers are both powered by N + 1 power
• Possess similar equipment and architecture for the two networks
The company has a reliable and safe network infrastructure that is made up of servers that are pooled together, which enables all the servers to access various Website files whenever there is a request for it. Due to this, the first vacant machine can serve the Web pages of a client. Meaning, the client will have a site that has a fewer number of interruptions and loads much faster than outdated hosting foundations.

Our advanced network is made of:

• Routers that are dual redundant
• Firewalls with IDP technology which is linked to the outside world by the use of BGP protocol
The analysis of site information is done by Big Iron load balancers. They are then processed by Dell servers. These servers have application tools that are divided, enabling us to have customized machines that are appropriate to the type of service that it does. In other words, high speed and more dependable services are given way by more density for every box. No pool exists completely in just a single rack. As a result, even if power loss is experienced of there is a lost switch, the service pool will not be stopped.

We have storage that is network attached; this means that the data of any customer can be accessed by any machine. Each of the machines are bunched with another similar machine; this means that if a main unit become incapable of performing its work, another machine is capable of continuously taking over. They are also backed up by a group of storage units that contain similar copies of data. This is very useful when the main units have disk failure. In terms of storage, approximately 5.5 gigabits are processed by the servers every second.