Top Five Popular Car Brands in Germany

Top Five Popular Car Brands in Germany

More and more people are becoming too particular when it comes to car brands. They choose carefully the brand by doing their own research – asking family and friends or even reading reviews on the internet. They might have their personal reason for choosing such a popular car brand. Either the brand is already proven to be good when it comes to quality; there are still some considerations that car buyers are often thinking of. Consideration of the origin of the car – where it is made and a lot of people choose cars made in Germany. It is simply because for the reasons that car brands from Germany are known to be being powerful and stylish. And here are the top five list of popular car brand:

• BMW – BMW cars are of high power, elegant and most of all stylish. No wonder why many car buyers would go for such a brand because they feel that they got all they wanted in needed for a car. In fact, they even have a fun sports car in the mini sedan.

• Mercedes-Benz – While BMW is for “clinical” purposes for its style and everything, Mercedes-Benz is more of luxury type. These cars are specially designed to attract the attention of those people who belong to an upper class. It is a luxury popular car brand that would surely give excitement to every car users or drivers.

• Audi – Audi is already known to be a competitor to Mercedes-Benz since it is also into luxury and executive type of cars. But this car brand is much more in the automobile industry because of its production of smaller and sporty type of vehicles such as the TT and the R8.

• Volkswagen – It is a popular car brand that is well known for their rallying car which is up to these days considered as the leading medium size car.

• Porsche – The 911 and the Cayenne are the best cars even produce by the Porsche. And the name still rings a bell when you are going to discuss the popular car brand in Germany.

Though there are still other popular car brands in the world, cars from Germany has already established a name that every car buyers would remember it times that they wanted to purchase new cars.