Top 10 Best and Luxury Cars Brands Of All Time

Top 10 Best and Luxury Cars Brands Of All Time

There are a lot of world agencies that compose the ratings of the best cars in the world according to their consumer qualities. For each class of cars, there exist several different ratings: the best car by characteristics and design, the fastest cars; the most high-powered cars; the best by acceleration up to a hundred; the most expensive cars on the cost and price. It is almost impossible to get all these features together and to define a really objective top-list of the world’s best and luxury cars.

There still exist several ratings that might serve as an approximate example of a rational and fair top rating. The rating is based on the polls of tens of thousands of drivers, who assessed the following vehicle parameters: interior, exterior, visibility, dynamics, engine, transmission, size of the cabin, luggage capacity of the trunk, comfort, audio, navigation and climate systems, and also economy of the fuel consumption. In fact, the rating included 33 brands.

The Top 10 Best Cars Brands All Time Are Given Bellow –

  1. Porsche

  2. Jaguar

  3. BMW

  4. Land Rover

  5. Audi

  6. Mercedes

  7. Lexus

  8. Mini

  9. Lincoln

  10. Cadillac

The car brands Mazda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Jeep, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki happened to be in the lower positions of the rating.

Another American company Strategic Vision conducted another large-scale research, where the respondents were asked to evaluate their cars by the variety of parameters. The goal of the authors of the survey was not creating another rating of reliability, but rather to find out what are the models that the owners are most satisfied with. In total there were interviewed more than 37 thousands of people. This particular rating was similar to the above mentioned, the only surprising difference was that the first place was taken by Ford. In fact, many people considered it to be quite predictable, though Ford also has many critical reviews.

If the car making companies use the results of their and other ratings in a right way, they do not ask, “Why are we so far behind our competitors?”, rather, they ask, “How can we be better?”.