Top 5 Popular Car Brands from Japan

Japan as the land of the rising sun already becomes one of the most industrialized countries in the whole world. Though the country undergoes some great fall during the World War 2, it manages to rise up again and regain its name and fame.

And when it comes to the popular car brand, Japan would really ring a bell to every car buyers or customers. It has some brands that do not only hit the American market but as well as on another market from different countries. In fact, they have listed the top 5 most popular car brand in their country and even in the whole world.

• Nissan – It is one of the first Japanese brands that embrace the UK market as well as on the other market in the world. It is also known for making the mid-size sedan that gathers appreciation from other car companies. Sportier models like GTR and 350z are also made by Nissan.

• Honda – When it comes to the most environmental friendly popular car brand, Honda is on the top list. It has made a remedy to the pollution brought about by cars through the use of water instead of the expensive gasoline that even produces harmful smokes to the people.

• Toyota – Another popular car brand that is kinder to the environment. Though it has some lapses just like other vehicles available in the market, the company makes sure that they answer all the need for the drivers.

Subaru – This brand is well known in the world of rallying. In short, this kind of car can be used in sports or better yet known as sports cars. It comes from different models with the aim that it should be in high performance and containing a high range of features.

Mazda – Mazda becomes one of the most popular car brands because of its production of small sporty cars like MX-5 and RX-8.

The five popular car brands mentioned above can be the best choice if you are planning to purchase cars.