Top 5 Forex Brokers for Beginners

Top 5 Forex Brokers For Beginners

There are more people today who are interested in Forex trading and because of technological advancement they now have access to online trading. As such there are lots of brokers who are offering their services to traders. People on the other hand may like to narrow down their search to the top 5 Forex sites that will provide them the opportunity to trade and to earn profits. They can then choose the best among these brokers or market makers to get the best deals from their currency trading activities.

Here are the top 5 Forex brokers sites in the world that people may want to consider:

  1. provides its Forex traders with various services that include live chats with their expert advisors. They also provide instructional as well as informative services for the benefit of their traders. People who would like to enjoy a sign-up bonus may consider this Forex broker as they may get as much as 50% return from their initial deposit. People are offered $50 – $2000 welcome bonus if they choose to participate through
  2. AvaFX is becoming one of the most popular Forex brokers today. People may choose from the various plans that they are offering in order to avail of the bonus amount depending their type of chosen account. Aside from this bonus, those who sign up receive a professional trading course and a Forex strategies book as well.
  3. UFX Bank offers a 30% bonus to those who are interested to become Forex traders. They offer personal account managers as well as interactive and live trading platforms. New traders may also benefit provided from the live chat support that is provided by this broker to their traders.
  4. AskoBid offers people a chance to get a 21-day practice trading accounts using a $50,000 balance. They also provide Forex trading strategies and important details for traders to succeed. People may also get bonuses depending on the amount that they have deposited.
  5. eToro is a Forex broker that allows traders to start with a very low deposit in the amount of $50 only. Aside from this, people may also gain from their bonus program depending on the amount that they have deposited.

People can go through the offers made by these top 5 Forex brokers sites before they finally select the online broker that they will be comfortable dealing with. They may consider the following factors when making their decision: the cost, the accessibility, the customer service, the ease of use and the cost of spreads as well.

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