Top 10 Ways To Build Muscle Fast

Top 10 Ways To Build Muscle Fast

Most individuals want to get the fitter body and of course those muscle mass that they so want to have. And most of the time they want to achieve it fast, the good news is you can definitely have that fit body and those muscles but it will surely take time. There is no shortcut to what others might think. But there are ways where you can build muscle safely without resorting to any drugs or any supplements for that matter. Read further to know the ten ways to build muscle fast.

 Increase the weight in your weight lifting

Just follow the law of progressive overload where you have to increase the weight you lift in every workout you have so as to promote muscle growth. The body always adapts to whatever stimuli so that the more demand you put in your body, the more it continually adapt. So if you want to achieve those muscles then weightlifting training is the best way to reach the goal. Increasing the weight over time can ignite muscle growth.

The concept is really simple, it is your goal to overload those muscles for it to grow. Just add weight each time you workout to put your body out of its comfort zone. You can start small from 2.5 to 5-pound increase per workout is enough.

Perform the appropriate reps and sets

The most ideal is eight to twelve reps on given exercise and this can already stimulate muscle growth. Lower reps usually composed of three to six which is excellent for building your strength but not for muscle growth while higher reps of fifteen to twenty can, of course, ignite muscle growth but not really ideal thing to do.

As for the number of sets you perform, the ideal is six to nine set and you want your workout time not to exceed forty-five minutes so as to avoid hormone breakout which will break your muscle tissue down. Fortunately, you can easily accomplish this forty-five-minute workout by doing the nine sets in each body part.

Eat a Healthy Bodybuilding Diet

Every time you work out, you tear a tissue so that it needs time to rest for it to repair and grow. Aside from rest, the muscle needs to be fed so that you have to eat big but make sure that you are following a healthy diet for that matter. A good healthy diet will let you grow muscle without those excess fats.

First and foremost, your diet should consist of whole foods. In fact, 98% of your diet should consist of whole foods. Say goodbye to processed foods or anything that comes in a box. For your body to recover, it needs a good amount of phytonutrients, minerals, and vitamins, and you can only get this from whole organic food.

Protein has an important role in repairing your muscle tissue after every workout so that it is a must that your diet includes an abundance of protein food. But how much protein do you really need? Some individuals do make less protein than what their muscles really need and other is just the opposite. It is therefore important that you know the exact amount of protein to consume. For you to know, just follow the formula – Lean Mass weight in Kg. x 2.75 – Your daily protein requirement. The lean mass weight refers to your total body weight less the amount of fat. Here you need to know your body fat percentage if you do not know then try to check by using a Body Fat Calculator. Another way to know the amount of protein you need is by consuming one gram of protein for every pound of your total body weight. So if you weigh 140 pounds then you need to consume 140 grams of protein every day.

Remember that the more protein stored in your body the more your muscles grow. But take note that your body is always draining your protein reserves in the body for other uses like making hormones and others. Thus, there will be less in left for building your muscles. To solve this problem, you need to store more proteins to replenish what your body has used up and fast.

Eat a big meal or you can eat small meals every three hours. Get your calculator and start calculating the number of calories that you should consume at every meal. If it is a six meal a day then get the number of calories you need in a day and divide it by six. That’s the number of calories you should eat each meal and you should consume the right amount of protein along with it. A good source of the protein includes meat, fish, milk, eggs, poultry, cheese, nuts, legumes, seeds, Whey Protein Powder Shakes and many more.

Also, have a bowl of ice cream too, two hours after your workout. A study has been conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and it showed that this ice cream snack triggers an increase in insulin compared to any kind of food and this put a damper on your post-workout protein breakdown.

Fat is also an important component of your diet. A low-fat diet is no good for bodybuilding. When you consume fat it increases the anabolic hormones in your body. These anabolic hormones are Testosterone, Growth Hormone and Insulin-like growth factor (IGF-

1). Some individuals who want to accelerate their muscle growth by taking anabolic steroids but nothing can beat a healthy bodybuilding diet. This diet still brings better results than any anabolic steroids.

Of course aside from protein and fats, you also need many carbohydrates like whole grain, brown rice, oats and more. To complete your diet are fruits and vegetables. Remember always feed your body carbohydrates after a workout. It has been proven with a study that muscle rebuilds faster if you feed your body with carbohydrates on your rest days. These carbohydrates increase your insulin level resulting in a slowing rate of protein breakdown.

Drink enough of water

Water is very important to the body and the normal requirement of water is at least eight glasses a day. But if you are working out, your requirement for water increases. It is important that you get enough water for energy level. You should aim for at least twelve glasses of eight ounces water every day. Other beverages like fruit juice or protein shakes are included.

A study by the University of Texas showed that individuals who drank a shake that contains carbohydrates and amino acid just before working out increase its protein synthesis than those who drank the shake after working out. The shake contains essential amino acid (6 grams) and 35 grams of carbohydrates. It is recommended that you drink a shake consisting of ten to twenty grams of protein just before you start your workout (about thirty to sixty minutes before workout).

Nutritional Supplements

Using a nutritional supplement can enhance your healthy diet and of course your workout program. It can give you an extra edge through increasing your strength level. Supplements that contain Phosphagen HP, Creatine helps you gain weight and increase your strength output. Creatine lets you lift heavier weights which stimulates more muscle fiber thus resulting in more muscle growth.

It can also decrease your recovery time since most supplements contain Vitamin C which is needed to prevent free radical damage. Vitamin C is also important in repairing connective tissues. All in all Vitamin C helps in decreasing the amount of time that your body is sore.

Nutritional supplements can also enhance your immune system. It is a fact that weight training increases the need for more minerals like selenium and magnesium. So make sure to take a good multivitamin that can supply your body with the right amount of vitamins and minerals. One sign that your body is deficient in vitamins and minerals may include fatigue, muscle cramping, low immune system, and muscle weakness.

Also if you are not a great eater then having a food supplement is a must. A food supplement like Designer protein will help supplement your diet and will give you the much-needed nutrients in your body.

Of course, just do your research before you buy your nutritional supplement. Just remember that these supplements are not there to work magic but they are there to enhance what you already have – a healthy diet and a good weight training program.

Lessen your Cardio Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise is good for the body but it won’t give you muscle growth. But if you want to lose fat then you can use Cardio exercise but make sure that you do your weight training first before you Cardio exercise. Do your weight training first and right after your workout, you do your Cardio exercise. Always go for HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training for your cardio for twenty minutes only and not exceed.

Why too much Cardio is not good if you are trying to build muscle? Because too much Cardio exercise will make the body release its catabolic hormones which break down muscle tissues. This is the direct opposite of your goal to make sure that you lessen your Cardio exercise.

Space Out Your Workouts

Do not overdo yourself but give yourself time to rest. Try to do your workout four times a week and space it out sensibly. Give your workout a short interval to give your muscles time to repair and recover its strength. If you do it on Monday, then your next workout should be on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. If you exercise regularly this will bring marked changes in your body. But make sure that you are following your program to the dot. Your workout should be complete for you to achieve your goal. Remember not to overdo it though, because you might get injured and may have to stop for a while. Just focus on your program and make sure to perform it accordingly.

Work out until Fatigue gets you

One sign that you are having a new muscle growth is fatigue this is because of the build-up of the lactic acid. So when working out, be sure to tear down those muscle fibers so that your body can repair it afterward and develop a new muscle growth. Just be careful when doing your training, you might get injured and that will spoil your workout.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is very important for staying healthy as well as building muscle. Muscle tissues do grow and repairs itself during the rest period yet sleep is much better and more important than any waking rest period. Why is that? It is because the growth hormone is at its peak when you are in deep sleep. When you are asleep your metabolic rate decreases so that it is the perfect time for your muscle tissue to repair itself and grow. During sleep too, there is an increased blood flow to the muscles. This is when total repair and growth really happens. So a mere rest during the day isn’t enough, you have to have a good night’s sleep. Follow the regular hours of sleep every day and you will do just fine.

When not sleeping, try to relax. If you are stressed out then this might result in muscle breakdown. Always remember that a calm and more relaxed person can build more muscles than a hot-headed one. This is what deep sleep delivers to an individual, a calm and restful sleep will bring you more energy when you wake up.

Stay Focused and Motivated!

Just stay focused on your program and do not lose sight. Others failed because they do not stay focused on their goals. Know what you want to achieve in your body and stay motivated. Look at yourself every day in a mirror and see the changes that you slowly have. This alone can push you to go on and stick to your program. So stay focused and motivated all the time.

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