Top 10 Italian Furniture Brands

Exporting Top Italian furniture brands throughout the world is playing a crucial role in the national economy. The artistic feature of Italian furniture is great to think where its demand is growing day by day in Italy and the world. It is pride to all. They have achieved popularity in Italy too. But many of us don’t know which brands are contributing to raising the national economy by exporting the furniture largely.

Don’t you know which brands are providing the best furniture ensuring well featured? If this answer is negative, you may bear some brands in mind which are regarded the top brands in Italy for many reasons. Now let’s get started……

B&B Italia

Since 1966, B&B Italia is providing furniture as the best providers with classic and easy worldwide. It is called the leader of modern furniture which is exported a large amount of furniture in Europe as well the world. Gaining much reputation, it ensures return policy while buying furniture from there. Especially the outdoor furniture of B&B Italia is designed nicely that bears joy in mind. Here is a well-known designer named Patricia Urquiola who designed the furniture elegantly.


If you try to find the heritage or tradition in furniture, you have to think SELVA as it is providing room furniture sets which look elegant in traditionally. The Italian brand founded in 1968 and from then it bears is popularity to provide luxury furniture in home and aboard.


You can’t believe in your eye when you see the modern furniture of it. It is just amusing to have the unique style on all sorts of furniture. The strong appeal will automatically generate where the furniture of the bran installed/ set up. Many well-known engineers are working to make an innovative style to OPERA CONTEMPORARY which was founded in 1886. Both designers and engineers try their best to make a unique style that is never done by anyone. The aim of the brand is to make the public refine, ensure a high definition product and use examined materials. Popularity from 1886 is growing day by day.


It has a good historical record on the combination of quality and desire of furniture. Some qualities such as elegance, comfort, quality, modern design, character, strong appeal, durability remain here so that furniture seekers can judge it as one of the best furniture in Italy. No way to neglect it that it has no unique and innovative sense to produce furniture for all sets of furniture for home, office and more. An attractive fact is that it has many stores where you can easily search and buy your expected interiors for home. When you select the best Italian furniture brand, flexform will be listed here.


It is an easy way to deal with policies while buying furniture for all sorts. When you realize that you need to less difficulty brand for furniture, you can pick it up for you. It doesn’t mean that there have no good qualities of the combination between concept and made products. Unique sensibility and design approach are two of the main factors on furnishing interiors of the brand. Also, it has a good review for a long time from home and international market.

Cedes Milano

No activities are same in home or office. So there doesn’t need long durable furniture for all tasks. Some tasks that may be easier to do can buy simple furniture. If you are in this attention, obviously you can consider Cedes Milano that guides bamboo, horn and wooden furniture. This furniture makes your charm when you are looking for a custom look. Also, there is a unique and design approach.  With having more than 30 years experienced on making accessory perfect for all reason, it is used natural materials and concepts which are really amusing.


The main feature of Casamilano is to have knowledge of wood. Involving this knowledge, this Italian brand ensures the best quality on furnishing that you desire.  The products of the brands are totally made in Italy. Casamilano, founded 1998, is providing modern furniture in the home and abroad and so its popularity is growing high day by day. The yearly export of the brand is attractive too. And finally, the brand tries to find customer satisfaction and their feedback. Here is no difficulty of shipping and packing.


Here is no difference between the structure and beauty. Cassina is known as the king of the sofa. It doesn’t mean that is unable to provide interiors design. Along with sofa, the structure of all other furniture sets for interiors resembles with its mechanism and precise. Both fabric and leather sofa are produced double snitching that ensures a long durability with exceptional quality. Otherwise, many well-known designer and engineer involve here to make a unique and sophisticated design.


Cappellini is a name of an Italian furniture company which is regarded as the best interiors design by well-known designers and engineers. Providing furniture with natural color is the main motto of the brand. Establishing several stores, it is involved in manufacturing all sorts of modern furniture. Historically, it is much reputation in exporting modern furniture in the world market.


Do you want to have a beautiful sleep? If yes, you cannot deny as it ensures good quality bed with adding luxury materials. In a word, the artistic feature is really good. Here is available luxury leather furniture which is genuinely produced by natural materials.  Otherwise, if you want to have a strong appeal on furniture, you never skip this as other substitutes.

It is not enough to say that they are the best furniture brands in Italy.  But when you search the best furniture, you also find some brands that are well-reviewed and top-rated in the production of furniture with extending sophisticated feature.

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