Top 10 Most Idiotic World Cars All the Time

Top 10 Most Idiotic World Cars All the Time

Cars can sometimes be an important investment so many car buyers would really see to it that they invest well in their car. They try to choose the best car as possible so they won’t end up regretting in the end. In fact, choosing one of the top 10 world cars all the time is considered even if it means investing too much in it. Hence, car prices will vary from the most affordable price down to the most expensive – an amount that you could never imagine exists (worth millions of dollars).

However, there are some instances that you would find your decision in buying car unwise especially most if it belongs to the top 10 most idiotic world car all the time. And here is the list of the top 10 world car all the time and reason why it is considered idiotic:

• AMC Pacer – it was first introduced in 1975 but its sales eventually go down after 5 years. There is even a statement that says “it is the nerdiest car my parents ever drove”.

• Yugo – the Chinese car that became the cheapest car ever introduced in the US but later, Americans find out that it is not a so good investment. One statement says that “it is the hardest to recommend car even at the most affordable price.

• Ford Pinto – the issue in this brand is not with the car but with its gas tank problem.

• Pontiac Aztek – though this brand is good its appearance is unattractive to the buyers.

• Chevrolet Vega – has a reputation for consuming not only gasoline but as well as motor oil.

• AMC Gremlin – have odd looks with a mythical creature appearance and has some mechanical problems.

• Corvair – the most dangerous cars ever made and there is a list of accidents involving such brand.

• AMC Matador – one of the most undistinguished midsized cars.

• Edsel – known as colossal marketing flame out and with no other color than black.

• Chevrolet Chevette – mechanically troubled, poorly constructed and underpowered.

The list of the top 10 world car all the time – the most idiotic, above is just a remembrance that not all cars that produced by automobile companies are not always successful.