Top 10 Best Forex Brokers

Top 10 Best Forex Brokers

If you are trying to venture into foreign exchange trading, you should realize that it is not as simple as clicking into something big and then voila, your money grows exponentially. You should be an expert on how this kind of trade works and should also be able to handle financial losses. Due to its associated risk, some investors would not prefer forex trading.

Consider these best brokers and you will have equal opportunities of being successful without risking your treasured sums of stash:

  1. Alpari

Alpari is a renowned forex broker that has a main office in Wall Street and has representative offices in London, Shanghai, and Dubai. Alpari offers a risk-free trial account for starters and is open for 30 days. You can opt to extend the account if you are satisfied with their performance. This forex broker can have you access the renowned trading platforms, provides an amazing service, and also provides numerous educational materials about forex trading. You can advantage of its 50:1 leverage which is offered to the Pro account holders.

You don’t need to worry too much since Alpari is regulated by the National Futures Association (NFA) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). If I have the money like you, I would go for the Pro account that Alpari offers. This account has numerous incentives and even let you access the Electronic Communications Network (ECN).

  1. Dukascopy

Although Dukascopy follows its minimum deposit of $100, the incentives are more profound with those high-volume orders. This forex broker is an outstanding option for those experienced and large-volume traders. It has the capacity to sustain custodial banking services or that thing called segregated banking. They have a main office in Geneva and have other offices in Ukraine, Hongkong, and Latvia.

If you are looking for balanced privileges and transparency, then Dukascopy is the appropriate forex broker for you. It is because this well-regarded Swiss trading institution is known to stand for fairness, ECN liquidity, and transparent pricing.

  1. MB Trading

MB Trading has also no limitations on scalping. Scalping is a strategy where you can take benefit of the leverage from the broker to carry out dealings that occupy positions in order to make profit in micro activities in currency pair status. You can open your account for as little as $400 and its margin leverage provided even to the non-U.S. traders is at a rate of 50:1.

If you want to trade in general, MB Trading is the perfect broker for you. It is one of the most excellent when it comes to volume trading since its commission charges are very low, it provides incentives for limit orders, and it also supports tight spreads. I said in general earlier since this broker is also a superior preference if you desire to trade no just forex, but also stocks and futures in one platform.

  1. ATC Brokers

ATC Brokers is a fine option for expert traders hoping to trade currencies and futures. Like Alpari, this U.S. based forex broker is a well-regulated member of NFA and CFTC.

If you have a current broker and you are not happy with their offers and incentives, this forex broker is worth considering. If you are a dynamic forex trader, ATC Brokers might be a haven for you. I suggest ATC Brokers for forex trading for the reason that it offers Straight Through Processing (STP) order execution other than just market making. This forex broker offers what you actually crave as a trader. It offers flat-free commissions, low spreads, MetaTrader platform, and scalping.

  1. EasyForex

EasyForex is accredited in Australia and the European Union (EU), and has several representative offices around the globe, like in Chicago and Sidney. This forex broker has an accessible support system, friendly, and multilingual so they have the ability to address your concern whatever is your native tongue.

If you are trying to diversify your investments, then EasyForex should be on top of the list of your preferred forex brokers. Why? It is because this forex broker has the ability to invest commodities like oil and metals. Another thing is that it offers a competitive pip spreads. With one account, you can trade currencies and commodities using their mobile platforms. Their personalized training programs are also the reason why you should consider EasyForex.

  1. TradeKing Forex

TradeKing is always considered as one of the superior and lowest-priced preference brokers. It is very enticing; however you must be careful in reading all the disclaimers and cautions on their website. It is stated in their secondary risk disclosure that the GAIN Capital is the market maker. The conflict now may lie between their interests and your own interests.

Although TradeKing is famous for its low-priced options, it is advisable to have your own research and investigation. I will advise that this true not only for TradeKing but to all forex brokers. It is even better to listen to testimonies to traders who have experience in that particular forex broker.

  1. eToro

eToro offers its one-of-a-kind social networking for traders. If you are a starter and has no confidence in your own decisions, this forex broker is just right for you. Using its social networking scheme, you can follow some famous traders, copy their transactions, and even leave comments. In this way, you can learn how other people invest and apply them to your own.

If you are not yet convinced with this, here’s another thing. This online forex broker can offer accounts to you wherever you are since it is regulated in many countries. It can also provide quotes for all major currencies and can offer Islamic accounts. If you are a beginner, then eToro with OpenBook is for you.

  1. Swissquote ACM

This forex trading product is not applicable for the U.S. citizens. Advanced Currency Markets (ACM) is the forex broker branch of the Swissquote Group, another Swiss institution, which appeared publicly on the Swiss Exchange Market in 2000. For your protection, this broker is most suited for citizens of Switzerland or of the Middle East. ACM has a main office in Geneva and has other branch offices in Zurich and Dubai.

Like TradeKing and other forex brokers, I suggest that you should research and investigate about the broker before you open an account and deposit your funds. As I have said, this is for your own money’s security.

  1. UFXMarkets

UFXMarkets offers 24-hour chat support, Islamic accounts; 200:1 leverage, and even daily video posts. They even let clients have access to Barclays Signals for mobile and email alerts. This forex broker is now regulated to accept clients outside of the United States. The company also offers a lot of withdraw methods, including debit cards.

Like EasyForex, you can consider this forex broker since you can diversify your investments by investing in commodities. With UFXMarkets, you can trade with more than 45 currency pairs and even stocks.

  1. AvaFX

AvaFX is your choice if you are thinking of investing in forex, commodities, bonds or stocks. You can access their myriad of tutorials, webinars, ebooks, charts, and even in-depth analysis of the current forex trends. They provide tight fixed spreads, 24-hour trading, and 55 currency pairs.

If you are an expert in trading, you can take advantage of its numerous benefits like a large bonus if you deposit with them, a platform that will aid you in your trades more efficiently, and have the opportunity to invest in stocks.