The Top Seven German Bank

Bayerische Landesbank: The Top Seven German Bank

Bayerische Landesbank, or BayernLB is a Bavarian State Bank and one of the eight Landesbank, a specific group of state-owned bank unique to Germany, was legally founded on June 27, 1972, with the founding of Bayerische Gemeindebank in 1914, and the Bayerische Landesbodenkreditanstalt in 1884 as its precursors. They provide services in loans, securities trading, asset management,mid and long-term bond issuance and securitization. They are also involved in retail banking through their subsidiary, the Deutsche Kreditbank. Some of BayernLB’s other subsidiaries include, Banque LB Lux, MKB Bank, Bayern LB Capital Partner, Bayern Mezzanine, Bayern Invest, Real I.S., Bayern Grund, Bayern Immo, LBImmoWert, BayernFM, German Centre for Industry and Trade Shanghai, German Centre for Industry and Trade Delhi, Bayern Card Servces (BCS), Bayern Consult and Bayern Corporate Services GmbH (BayernCS).

According to their annual report for the fiscal year of 2010 (January 1-December 31), BayernLB has a net income, in EUR million, of 1,942, risk provisions in the credit business of -696, making the net interest income after risk provisions at 1,246. Net commission income is 265, gains or losses on fair value measurement is 1,043, gains or losses on hedge accounting is 53, gains or losses on financial investments is -294, income from interests in companies valued at equity is -38, other income is 1, administrative expenses is -1,462, expenses for bank levies is -51, and gains and losses on restructuring is 124, which brings the total earnings before taxes to 885. Income taxes is -294, earnings after taxes is 590, non controlling interests is 44, bringing the consolidated net income to 635.

For the net income of the same fiscal year of 2010, these are BayernLB’s figures in EUR million; interest expenses is -9,601, credit money market transactions is 7,134, financial investments is 1,028, hedge accounting derivatives in economic hedges is 3,381, bringing the total amount of the interest income to 11,543. For interest expenses on the other hand; liabilities to banks and customers is -4,153, securitized liabilities is -2,349, subordinated capital is -345, hedge accounting derivatives and derivatives in economic hedges is -2,487, other interest expenses is -266, bringing in the total net income of 1,942, and the net income interest adjusted to 1,942.

Nord LB Norddentsche Landesbank Girozentrale: The Top Thirteen German Bank

Nord LB Norddentsche Landesbank Girozentrale, or Nord/LB was founded on July 1, 1970 through the mergers of the National Savings Bank of Brunswick, Brunswick State Bank, Hanover State Loan, Lower Saxony Housing Credit-Cityscape and some other formerly independent banks. The ancestral banks from with Nord LB was formed originates back to the 1700’s, when Duke Karl I founded the Ducal Leyhaus in Brunswick

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