The Ten Most Common Cause of Divorce

The Ten Most Common Cause of Divorce

I’ve taken an interview with a divorced woman and now I’ve shared her opinion about the reasons for divorce here as she described.

1. The wrong choice – I made the wrong choice. I love float gotten physically, or due to a rush, so for those reasons, the love was soon evaporated. We understand each other and trying to adapt to a new way of life, we have to stay together for the negotiations and a new sense of responsibility but was not ready to understand.

2. Money- I thought maybe in the future some of us have. We both had their own brass, but we started to get accustomed to the consensus of the money. When we had money there was everything quiet and peaceful but when our money was finished then complains and complaint has started. That means desire and understanding were controlled by money.

3. Sacrifices – We used to think that marriage is good all the time and we did not want to see a shot of the side of evil. When the opposite happened, we did not take our responsibilities. We make everything better, or will there always regretted. We keep marriage romantic and happy in those years I did not try any. As a trusted partner that we were not ourselves, we were just beyond.

4. Violence – We were separated because my partner always crossed the line of angry and he did not control himself and he did not want to take treatment for this. Alcohol and drugs make this kind of behave worse and make it as a thread for us. In this part, violence becomes more dangerous for us and among our children this kind of behave creates a negative impact. Our violence to change the behavior of our children and it is worthy of personal emotional wounds that never heal. None of us could live a normal life because we’ve have been confused.

5. Virtue and Values  – I did not know how virtue, values, and skills in aspects related to the road and are admired. While I know that it’s always had a special relationship between the collisions of the defect are shot and became more evident.

6. Unreliability –We were committed to each other, but we could not maintain it. Someone told us it is not chosen arbitrarily, marriage is a discipline. We’ve gotten accustomed to self-deception in love and decided that we’d not be happy to do it is unconscious.

7. Love and loyalty – We were committed to the engagement of toxic changes within us, but we were not able to make a change, because we were not willing to lift a finger, and have to cope with, so we did not try to do a little better. We thought that the marriage may be the consequence of our evil will get shot; we had each gotten way more selfish.

8. Quirk – Our selfishness did not allow us to enjoy ourselves. We were separated by mentally, emotionally and we came to each other only for sexual reasons but not for mentally and psychologically. We always kept ourselves busy separately and while we faced problem then realized that we were facing the problem solely not as a couple.

9. Change: When we got married, we are null. This word is just a word, and the word is not real. When we are bound by marriage, and there goes to the same error deviation, which does not change unless there is a clear and practical process to follow, such as counseling. We never changed for others; we change ourselves when we needed.

10. Feel guilty – There are many things that are not associated with the past. These are unnecessary but make us frustrated. These conflicts often create fear and destroy the correlation.