The Difference Between Monthly Transfer and Bandwidth

The Difference Between Monthly Transfer and Bandwidth

Web experts recoil at the idea of moving, even for hosting unlimited bandwidth. However, if you adhere to these easy steps, your transfer will be less frantic and troublesome. Modifying hosting providers are like moving from one place to another, it could be stressing and have several unseen issues. Some webmasters are completing this task several times and have found domain name server changes will be very fast these days. It will only take you an hour or less.

First, make sure you are done backing up your files, you have the shield you need but it is better to be sure. You need to make a backup of everything you have created your original site and remember your database if your site uses one. Create two copies and store them in different media. The first copy is for you to work with and then the other one as an archive. Although it may look easy copying over these files still you need to be very careful or it will mess up. Keep one copy of your files on a flash drive and store it just in case you need it in the future.

Second prepare your toolbox. You need to have a file transfer protocol program. Then sign up for your new provider and have your new domain name server details. For a quick reference, you can print out your new server information. Have a temporary URL on your new host in order for you to check your site just before making a domain name server modification. In case you run a script, have a copy of the original installation guide and the script. There are instances of moving the scripts will not work properly so you need to reinstall it again.

Third, don’t forget to inform your customers and visitors. It is a good idea to keep all your current customers and visitors aware of the transfer to hosting unlimited bandwidth server. Actually, you can use the move as an opportunity to let them know how you want to enhance their experience on your webpage. This will assure your customer that there will be no downtime.

Fourth, do the transfer during the time where there is least visitor traffic to your business. Make sure to have a backup before you do the moving so you will have the latest data. Create a custom error page on the new hosting unlimited server. Put a note that the transfer to unlimited bandwidth web hosting service is ongoing.

Fifth, the time to change Domain name server to its new server. If you know that the files transferred are functioning well, then change your domain name server to the new server. It usually takes 24 to 48 hours so you have the time to make some changes when requires.

And lastly, check the new site and the old site. Once the moved is completed do not release the old account yet, allow it to run concurrently for at least two weeks. Check if there are still activities on the old server.