The 3 Types of Charm Bracelets which you may like

The 3 Types of Charm Bracelets which you may like

A link band of various small and dangling pieces known as charm is attached together to form a bracelet which is known as Charm Bracelets. It started the long time ago where people make use of unique-looking stone and wood pieces as a protection against enemies. But they find it hard to always carry this protection so the ancient Egyptians developed an art of jewelry by putting all the charms on their wrist as bracelets.

The jewelry is adopted as time passes by and on the recent generations; it is a part of fashion and a way to attract positive energy and avoid the negative one. And if you are planning to purchase one of the said bracelets, you must be aware of the three kinds so you won’t end regretting why you choose such kind over the other.

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Dangling Charms Bracelets – This kind is known as the traditional one. There is a typical representation using the common symbols such as the heart for love and romance or a dice for the gambler. Different materials can be used for the symbol. And nowadays, Chinese charms make use of jade carvings, bronze, bells, money bags, frogs and pictogram such as yin and yang – a balance between good and evil.


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European Charm Bracelets – The European kind of Charm Bracelets makes use of beads on a rope-like base. Different kind bids will be put together to make a bracelet. Colors symbolize the charms and another good luck that will be attracted by the bangle. What is unique about the European bracelet is that it can use the variety of materials such as beads, woods, metal, glass or gemstones. It will be just put together and a bracelet that will attract positive energy is already done.


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Italian Charm Bracelets – The name itself already suggest symbols that are made from the country Italy. It is made of flat pieces interlock with each other just like in a watch band. But in case that the owner wants a more specialized design, then some changed can be added to make it more special.

However, no matter what is the kind of Charm Bracelets you have, the fact still remains that you are wearing it for your own personal reasons – for attracting lucks or just simply part of your outfit.

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