Some Tips on Choosing New Android Apps

Some Tips on Choosing New Android Apps

Android market is flooded with new android apps and users are starting to get hard time to choose which the best apps are. Remember that anybody can do and submit their apps in the android market without any permission from a person in-charge. So, just imagine hundred and even thousand of new apps that will be displayed and release every day. And if you are one of those fellows who happened to have problem in choosing, then the following tips will help you sort out the apps, especially the new ones.

Free or Paid – If you have a tight budget but you badly needed choosing new android apps, then you can settle on apps that are free and downloadable. But if you think you’re budget will allow you to get an app even if there is some payment, and then paid for it. However, just take note that not all expensive apps are the best because luckily, android market offered free apps that are the topmost choice of the user to somehow promote their product. Thus, budget is still the things that you should take into consideration in looking for new apps for your mobile phone.

Do some research and read reviews – Magazines and even internet sites have some reviews about a certain apps. And these reviews are the opinion of those people who have already tried using a certain new android apps. So expect to read some positive and negative comments and do not forget to list down new apps that have more negative comments than the positive one. As result, you can narrow down the list of new apps that you wanted to download.

Look for useful apps – People might only neglect apps that are stored in their mobile phones without knowing that apps can sometimes be very useful. A weather forecast or update apps perhaps will help the user to decide whether to go or not to go on a certain picnic or outing. Another app that could be useful is the traffic update that will help the user to determine the lines that are already heavily trafficked.

Looking for new android apps are quite easy but choosing which is which is difficult. So, the three tips above will surely help you decide.