Some Easy tips on How to kill Lice

Some Easy tips on How to kill Lice

Lice are so small insect that is found on the human head especially women’s head.  Lice are so much haggard because it makes noises in our head by drinking blood from it. Lice also live on a head surface. When it eats the blood of head then we become busy and tired.

It is not very easy to depleted lice from your head in the short time because lice can spread on your head in a very short time. This little bloodsucking can create more as of them in a few days.

Nonetheless, these lice are so terrible for us and most of the women. If you not able to ruin lice on your head then they can ruin your head’s health and take away sound sleep and mental fresh.  

But there is no reason to worry and by some tips and techniques you can remove or ruin lice:  


  • Use Vinegar


Using vinegar is the best way for removing lice because it works very good. You have to know how to use vinegar so you need to mix vinegar with a few drops of mineral oil. Mix it slowly and for 3 to 5 days you need to use it. It sure can fight against lice. To get the better result so you can need to mix the equivalent amount of the components.


  • Lemon Juice


Lemon juice is the another best ingredient for removing lice because its other name is the great weapon to fight against with lice. To kill lice need a lemon, some garlic and you need to make a paste by garlic. Take 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon juice and mix those garlic paste with that lemon juice. Use it in hair so carefully and let it be dried. In the last time, take a nit comb and comb your hair. By this method bloodsuckers, your head will be ruin.


  • Coconut oil 


Coconut is popular and well-known things as oil. Most of the women apply coconut oil and it works perfectly because Lice does not like the flavor of the coconut oil. Coconut oil keeps nice and takes care of our hair. Coconut oil welly removes the bloodsuckers mean lice and also can remove lice eggs from hair bunch of hair.


  • Onion Paste or juice


Onion is the great enemy of the lice and it also helps to grow or strengthen hair. Just need to make the paste of onion and Plated the head with it. Keep it for 30 minutes and then wash your hair with fresh water.

  • Mayonnaise

    Mayonnaise is the best well-known thing and we eat snack foods for it. It made from oil, yellow part of eggs and vinegar and so it can also hard fight against lice. If you want to use this you should use it once a week. First, greasing hair and have comb for minimum 10 minutes. So it is another excellent remedy for removing lice.

Some Easy tips on How to kill Lice


Lice can spread on your head by the various way and some medium is cause for it. By combs, caps and other clothing, Lice are increasing reproduction on the head. So you must be aware of keeping your hair safe from Lice. Your hair should free of dandruff. You can use some herbal treatments to ruin Lice lives.   

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