Some awesome Car Accessories of 2012

    In today’s generation, people can sometimes spend more time in the car rather than sitting in their home. Driving back and forth to the office can even eat up two to three hours depending on the heavy traffic. Then after driving home, there are the nights out together with friends, so another time is spent inside the car.

    That is why; car owner would like to feel comfortable or would like to have things that would comfort them while they are inside their car driving from one place to another. And the following accessories are the must-have for your car:

    • Bluetooth Car Accessories – a hand’s free call can be quite possible if you have a Bluetooth installed in your car. Thus, it would be a great help to answer a phone while driving without the hassle of using hands to hold the phone. Though Bluetooth is already a common device, having one in your car as one of your car accessories can still a great idea.

    • MP3 Adaptor Stereos – listening to music while driving is one way to cope up the stress of diving – heavy traffic or very far destination. So, an MP3 adaptor stereo can help you have the list of music you want to listen.

    • Remote Start Button – this kind of button is often associated with expensive cars only. However, you can still have it installed in your car if just want to have it.

    • Parking Assistants – a sensor that will help determine if something will be bumped behind while you are parking your car. That way, you can minimize accidents related to parking car carelessly.

    • Night Vision Displays – this accessory will help you see everything ahead of you or things that are not seen if you will be just using your headlight. So, driving during the night will be much safer and protected.

    • Attention Assistants – in times that while driving and you are too preoccupied with other things, you sometimes forget that you driving and you may go out of lanes. So, this accessory will remind you that you are the danger.