For Skinny Hard Gainers: The No Nonsense Muscle Building Book

For Skinny Hard Gainers: The No Nonsense Muscle Building Book

If you are skinny and find it very hard to gain mass, particularly if your aim is to gain weight so that you can build some real muscle mass, then take your pick from the following things you are doing wrong:

• You are just not eating enough
• The food you are eating doesn’t have the required amount of calories
• Your muscles aren’t being worked smartly enough (you may be working the hard, but you need to be smart about it)
• You are working your muscles too hard and not giving them enough time to recover and grow, plus you’re not feeding them enough with the right foods to stimulate growth
• You’re not displaying the required amount of dedication to succeed

Under your skinny little breath, you might be thinking to yourself that nobody understands just how hard you are working, how much dedication you are putting into your muscle building program and so on.

But would you be reading this if you were indeed as dedicated as you might think you are? Not at all.

The mirror doesn’t lie, you can be putting in hours and hours of work on the gym, pumping iron until you’re red in the fact, but what you see in the mirror clearly tells a story of your inefficiencies.

A No-Nonsense Approach Is Essential

The genetic makeup of the male species is simply not built in a way that is limited in its potential to grow. The truth is you can gain as much weight as you like – it’s simply a matter of taking in the correct amount of calories to achieve weight gain. The simple fact is, even if you have a really high metabolic rate, there is a certain point where your body builds up calories faster than it gets rid of them, and you just have to make an effort to find that point. The best way to go about that is to go beyond the 3000 calories-per-day mark. That way, you will have overcompensated if anything about that is inaccurate.

You can always work off any extra weight that develops, and as a hard gainer, you’d probably relish the prospect of having some extra weight to work with – no you’re not weird at all…

In a nutshell, the No Nonsense Muscle Building program is your new best friend, even if you’re the hardest of gainers and you thought you didn’t have a hope in hell of building a muscle-bound body that speaks for itself.