Safe Driving Tips for Winter Weather!

Safe Driving Tips for Winter Weather!

With all the snow, black ice and fog around at the moment, the roads are, to put it politely ‘treacherous’. Many drivers fear the roads due to these conditions which can lead to fear of other drivers on the road, loss of control over your vehicle and even road accidents. So I thought it useful to share with you some simple driving tips for the current weather and road conditions.

Black ice

Black ice on the roads is difficult to spot. The transparent layer of ice is almost invisible, making the road surface dangerous and fear of the condition a tad unpredictable. And so it is advised that, in the case of black ice, you drive at a low speed in a low gear, this way you will be in better control of your car and won’t be taken by surprise if there is black ice on the road surface.

Other drivers

When it comes to other drivers you have to accept that they are in control of their vehicles just like you are in control of your vehicle. However, it is always advisable in bad weather to be wary of other drivers and keep an even longer distance away from the vehicle in front of you than usual. This way you will be better prepared for sudden breaking.

Loss of control

If in the instance of your car losing control it is essential that you react in a calm and collected manner in order to correct the loss of control as quickly and calmly as possible. I know this is easier said than done, but it is essential that you remain calm and manoeuvre your car out of the way to avoid danger of being hit by approaching vehicles.

If you have the misfortune of being involved in a road accident then it is essential that you NEVER get out of your car on the road or shoulder.

Just remember you are in control, not your car. So stay calm, slow down and trust yourself when driving in winter weather conditions!