Rules To Follow In Selecting A Provider For A Dedicated Server

Rules To Follow In Selecting A Provider For A Dedicated Server

For almost all web hosting providers, right after their first experience of the development period, you immediately find out that your reseller’s web hosting account is not enough. With this issue, you will need the now becoming popular dedicated server.

There exist numerous providers of the dedicated server. Hence, several of those in need of free web hosting providers opt for the wrong one. This article will present some basic rules to be able to make sure that what you will be landing on the services of reliable providers.

Number 1 Rule: Purchase only the products and services you will for sure use. This might sound silly to you; however, this often is overlooked even by a few veterans in free web hosting. If you have set a budget for this, you must then make a decision of what type of resources and services are important to you. When the dedicated server you have availed for is intensive in terms bandwidth, for instance, a web proxy, you must spend more to be able to go with a plan that offers excellent bandwidth like those that have unlimited services. However, when your dedicated server is intensive in terms of database, for instance, WordPress page, you must go for a server that has sufficient RAM, more cores, and a hard drive that performs faster. Most importantly, you should have a budget limit of which you have to spend wisely.

Number 2 Rule: Get away from all resellers. Today, there are numerous resellers within the hosting industry. Almost all of them offer excellent additional services, most especially, for those shared webs hosting. However, for a dedicated server, the premium packages which are provided by most resellers often are for server management. When you require a single person for server management, most experts suggest the providers of free hosting to employ a few freelancers and do the needed tasks. Employing a kind of dedicated server, through the many resellers in the market, come with a few disadvantages. For instance, a reseller might have disputes regarding billing transactions with datacenters; this will make your server vulnerable to problems.

Number 3 Rule: Hire a server that is near you or near all of your users. It, always, is good to be dealing with dedicated server providers within your locality so you could visit them easily, especially during immediate concerns. A few datacenters might, also, permit you to work on your dedicated server together with some of your users. When most of your users are located within Europe, it will be excellent if your service provider is within Netherlands and Germany; that is if they are affordable. If you are going to purchase from foreign servers, you will have to pay close attention to the quality of connection with regards to data centers. A few datacenters within Asia and Africa could be a little slow with limited bandwidth.

Number 4 Rule: Check the reliability of the network even before you purchase. Through the years, the reliability of the network is what most data centers have tried to improve, tremendously. However, a few datacenters still have more issues than all others. There are services which cater to people who would like to know whether a particular network is reliable or not. Also, you can gain information on whether your shortlisted datacenters are compliant or not. A good reminder is, don’t over utilize the information which are on public forums.

Number 5 Rule: The key is friendliness. Not all of the datacenters accommodate free web hosting providers. Even before all possible complaints come in, all of the datacenters within the market look pleasant. The process of handling complaints will vary from one datacenter unto another. As a free web hosting service provider, you must at all times anticipate that the services might have some complaints like phishing and be spamming. A data center that is friendly will excellently perform all of the works with you, especially, in solving issues. Therefore, always try to get away with popular names since they most often have zero patience on hosting providers that are just starting in the industry.

Number 6 Rule: Consider the following criteria below to be able to evaluate your needed technology for your services.

– Operating System: When you are searching for a code of ASP.NET, MS SQL, or MS IIS, you may need a reliable and excellent dedicated server like Microsoft Windows. When you wish to make use of an open resource stack like MySQL/PHP/Apache (LAMP) or Ruby Rails, a server of Linux will be great.

– Database Server and Web Server: Depending on the stack of technology, you may require the kind of dedicated server that has a big amount of RAM space, most especially, when the structure is built upon Ruby, Java, and Windows.

– Network: You must pay close attention to the data center’s location and make a comparison of several dedicated servers. Also, take into consideration the consistency and quality must be considered also. The network of iWeb is being audited by the organization Netcraft and constantly achieves full uptime.

– Management: When you don’t have the needed expertise of system administrators who will effectively manage your dedicated server, take into consideration managed services. An excellent dedicated web hosting provider must have the ability to offer you sound advice on the process of clustering and load balancing of a tailored environment.

– Bandwidth: When you are planning to host varied images and multimedia data such as flash videos and VOIP servers, the uplink speed and bandwidth which are provided by the providers are important.

– Performance: For virtualization, video-transcoding, SQL or specialized apps as chat servers and games, you might require a server that is designed to multi-process like Xeon dual server.

Lastly, always bear in mind that there’s value in performing business with proven and trusted dedicated servers. Take into consideration how prepared are you to spend some money just to be able to lessen the risk and offer you a peaceful thought. Never forget that investment, maintenance, and reliability in brand new technology means less shopping and longer value in the future.

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