How to Remove Pimples from your face

How to Remove Pimples from your face

Pimples are making a noisy matter and also used to disturbances in lifestyle. These pimples created on the cute surface of the human face without any notice. Pimples may appear anywhere on the skin of the human body, but they most often attack the face.

Pimples another name is acne, it occurs when our skin’s oil glands are overactive and pore becomes inflamed.

This irritant problem also makes itching and it creates an unpleasant experience for you. When you feel this unpleasant moment for pimples then you surely trying to remove pimples from your face by using your nails. But it is not good rather cause it, pimples will grow more on the surface your face.    

You must keep many patients in you to avoid it. You can’t straightforwardly remove the pimples but you should do some tasks to prevent pimples.

The following tasks given below of course will bring out the good result to get rid of pimples:  

  • Do not use cream, oil and get:  

Blemish or some other unknown germs may affect the face and create small holes over the surface of the face. Meantime, we try to remove these little blemishes like germs by using unknown oil-cream and gel from the market. But pimples can make on the face for these. So, you must follow the doctor properly medications.

  • Lemon

Lemon is very useful for its medication nature and you can also use lemon sap or juice by putting on the captured place where pimples create. By using lemon you will get rid of pimples in the very short time. Lemon has an effective acid which contains better power to fight against pimples. Just use it routinely and vanish pimples from your cute face.

  • Apple cider vinegar

You can also use Apple cider vinegar and it’s available in the marketplace or a small shop. When you use it, you never touch those areas by the nail. After one week all the irritating experience will be removed from you. You can mix this vinegar with sour milk and do not use more extra components with it more than one tablespoon. Let make a paste be dry and put it carefully in the areas of pimples.  

  • Use Steam

Are you surprised that, how can work steam for removing pimples? Yes, it will be useful for removing pimples. If you use a constant steam formula for one week so pimples may sure be disappeared on your face.  No need to choose extreme heat. This process can work carefully and never create any side effects. So it called a natural remedy.   

  • White toothpaste

White toothpaste works very effectively to clean your face by removing those pimples. You just need to apply this familiar remedy on affected areas of the face. Wait for a while until it no dry and when it dried then slowly wash your face with fresh water. Don’t mix any other items with toothpaste.

  • Garlic

Garlic is an ideal thing for all remedy because, in most of the health problem, garlic come to help. Especially, mixing garlic with the supporting element depends on how much area those have affected-no matter you should keep the parts aloof that are saved.   

You should make a remedy with garlic-pulse powder-eggs and put it on the pimples. It will sure work without any delay.    

  • Others things

Can try to apply ice, tea tree oil etc for curing pimples. Discuss with your physician or a doctor about your problem and don’t hide anything from him/her. Pimples may appear for over anxious and most of the teenage stay in it.


Pimples can appear in various ways and there is another way is not sleep well, environment problem etc. When pimples appeared on the face, you should not use unknown medicine or remedy without doctor’s medication.