How to Reduce Hair Fall

Hair loss is frustrating for both male and female. Now a day’s hair fall is a great problem for all ages of people. Although there are many reason that can increase hair fall including stress and diet. Even if the factor isn’t obvious there are many treatments and home remedies to regrow hair. Some important of those are given below:  




Wash your scalp regularly

  washing scalp
Washing your scalp regularly is very helpful for your hair. Besides, if your hair feels mushy or it splits while wet & you may be washing it too often. But don’t overdo it. If you wash your hair regularly then try to wash every other day instead Skipping shampoo which can make hair loss worse.

So, you should wash your hair regularly but don’t try to overdo it.


Reduce styling and heat



Styling, heat or bleaching can damage your hair. In fact, heat style at low heat once every few days. Dye or bleach rarely. Even everyday hair products may cause damage your hair. Try to do without them for a week to see if your hair condition improves or not. Then try different products or reduce the amount you rely on them for reducing your hair fall.



Brush and clip gently

 brush gently


Hard brushes or unnecessary brushing is harmful for your health. Too many hair clips may also cause breakage. Your hair is more vulnerable when hair is wet.  You should wait until your hair dries before brushing or combing.  You should prefer Wooden comb to plastic ones because it may cause less harm.



Diet and Exercise



You have to feed your hair all the right nutrients specially plenty of protein and iron. Moreover, along with eating a balanced diet ensure that you are exercising regularly side by side. Meditation and Yoga are more effective in reducing hair fall.


Reduce Stress

reducing stress

Any kind of mental Stress can increase hair fall along with many other medical problems. You can try meditation or exercise to reduce your stress levels. Find the reason behind the mental pressure and try to solve the problem consulting with a doctor. You have to decrease your mental pressure to reduce hair fall.


Make Onion juice & use it properly



One of the great thing about onion is the antibacterial properties which help you fighting against scalp infections and also it has sulfur content which improves blood circulation to your hair. You can make onion juice like given method. To extract onion juice follow given step:

  • squeeze out the juice
  • apply it to your scalp.
  • Leave it for 20 to 30 minute
  • Wash it with normal water & mild shampoo

If you can follow this procedure once a week then you can see the difference.

Give your hair a hot oil treatment

Most of the time hot oil treatment is very useful for your hair. you can use Castor oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and onion oil are all popular treatments. If you can maintain this hot oil massage it will certainly help you a lot.


Visit a dermatologist for severe hair loss

If you suspect that your hair loss could be caused by a medical condition or

medication then talk to a doctor before trying home remedies. He or She may recommend prescription strength treatments or test for the underlying cause of falling hair. Some medications and home remedies may react with each other to cause dangerous side effects. If you are losing hair at a relatively young age then must visit to the specialist doctor. If you have a severe medical condition though unrelated to hair it’s better to talk to a doctor before trying herbal remedies.



In a summary, to reduce the amount of hair that you lose can get back by following those:


  • Wash your hair every other day instead of daily.
  • Try to reduce the amount of styling products and heat treatments that you put on your hair.
  • Every time when you brush your hair avoid pulling on the brush which can cause breakage.
  • Use onion juice In a weak.
  • Reduce stress & use proper shampoo.
  • Many dermatologists recommend to adjust your diet by eating more foods containing protein, iron, or vitamin E.


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