How to prevent childhood Obesity

Prevention is better than cure. We all know about it. Obesity is a great problem for our children. If you do not able to prevent your children obesity than it will be a serious problem for them in future. When Childhood obesity continues to rise and the negative results that come with it such that Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, and early social discrimination are just a few of the issues which are faced by an obese child in his childhood. Surely this article will help you to maintain a healthy weight for your child as well as to eliminate the unfavorable consequences of childhood obesity.



For maintaining a healthy weight what you need to do??

You can follow the following steps that will help you to bring about the changes for your child needs to say good bye to obesity.

Pay attention to your life-style before your kid is born

 According to a study revealed by British people medical journal The Lancet in April 2018, kids born to corpulent folks. Children born to mothers who eat associate unbalanced diet throughout physiological condition (including diet sodas) is also susceptible to fatness. It follows that clasp a healthier life-style before your kid is born. It will facilitate to forestall him or her from developing fatness shortly.

Try to develop Healthy Eating Habits

Always try to develop healthy eating habits rather than unhealthy street food. This habit leads to your child to prevent obesity.

Eat less sugar and saturated fats for preventing childhood obesity

Encourage your child to avoid sugary food items such as ice-creams, sweets etc. saturated fats also should be avoided to maintain a healthy childhood life.


Increase supply of vegetables and fruits

 Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins. Eating more vegetables are very helpful for your children health. So try supply more vegetables for children health.


Always Serve appropriately-sized portions

You should bear in mind that how small your child’s stomach is. So, always Serve him/her appropriately-sized portions for preventing childhood obesity.


Remove all types of unhealthy item.

If, possible use low-fat or non-fat milk or dairy products appropriately. In some other cases low fat milk is not good for your child. Give him lean meats, poultry, fish, and beans for protein. Make healthy changes to old recipes as much as possible. Replace high-fat or sugary foods with healthy alternatives.


Less screen-time and a lot of sports 

Along with multiplied vase risk, kids WHO accumulate additional pounds before the age of 5 might keep them well into their teens and adulthood. To help kids avoid turning into couch potatoes, folks ought to exercise themselves. Pay less time before of screens and set a decent example. The goal ought to be to stress out of doors and sports activities that charm to kids.


Delay giving them sugar for as long as doable

Nutritionists warn against the excessive consumption of sugar too early in their life. Before the age of 3, they suggest limiting treats to fruit puree, farm snacks, and therefore the occasional cookie. Prevent excessive gain weight by cultivating a lively life-style, with legion time outdoors. It’s all a lot of therefore as a result of folks WHO feed kids an excessive amount of sugar usually don’t provide them enough healthy fats within the style of eggs, goat and ewe’s cheese and oleaginous fruits and bonkers. Heavily processed industrial foods (pastries, chocolate bars, breads and made cereals, pizzas, fruit juices, jams and spreads) ought to be avoided, particularly if they contain fruit sugar or Aldo-hexose sweetener.


Make sure they get enough sleep

Diet and exercise don’t seem to be the sole factors that favour fatness. varied studies have shown that lack of sleep will have a damaging impact on children’s weight, as a result of it will increase their appetency for fatty and sweet foods.

Under-18s WHO sleep but they must are a lot of possible to be overweight (by 58%), per a meta-analysis recently revealed by the journal Sleep. kids aged 13-17 ought to get eight to ten hours of sleep per day, whereas kids within the three-to-five people want ten to thirteen hours per day.


Encourage kids to meditate

Not solely do they scale back stress and anxiety, meditation and psychological state are effective for the treatment of addictions, and notably food addictions in young kids. In a programme that began this year at the University Hospital of Rouen, in France’s Seine-Maritime, getting ready to sixty patients are schooled the way to resist the lure of food through the utilization of techniques that focus their attention elsewhere. – Relaxnews






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