Weight Loss Pills That Do Not Require Doctor’s Prescription

Weight Loss Pills That Do Not Require Doctor’s Prescription

The idea of losing weight as fast as possible is very hard to oppose, especially if you are one of those desperate enough to expel some amount of fats that are stored in your body. As this idea is hard to oppose, the enticement to use weight loss pills has become strong through the years. Aside from lightening your wallet, are these products guaranteed to lighten your load of fats? Are these products effective enough without compromising side effects? Here I will present the facts about weight loss pills and what will be their doings inside the body.

There are those weight loss pills that are called over-the-counter drugs. These are those pills that do not require the doctor’s prescription. They are readily available at health and wellness store, supermarket, drugstores, and even online. Some are proven effective, some are not. Some may be even dangerous that it can jeopardize your precious health.

The problem with these drugs is that they are not subjected to screening under the strict standards that have been used in prescription drugs. If they are out in the market, one thing is for sure, they have limited evidence that can prove their effectiveness and safety. However, it is subject to the scrutiny of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Once they are sold in the market, FDA examines their effectiveness and safety and if proven to be malicious, FDA has the authority to recall all those products and ban them from the market again.

It is essential that before you think of resorting to over-the-counter weight loss pills, you must do your own research first. It is even better to talk to your doctor first so that he can give you some advice about buying these drugs. Another thing is that you must also visit the FDA website for updates and warnings about safety concerns. They even post on their website the product recalls, so it will guide you on what not to buy among those over-the-counter drugs.

Here are the class of weight loss pills and their actions in the body:

  1. Thermogenics. They are called ‘fat-burning accelerators’. They speed up the process by increasing the body heat, which results to signal the brain that the body is converting a lot of energy. The result will be that the brain will release more hormones responsible for fat-burning.

However, thermogenics are not recommended to those who have heart problems, over 65, under 18, pregnant and nursing mothers due to their side effects.

  1. Thyron. It supports the thyroid glands and adrenal role in the fat-burning process without activating the central nervous system. Thus, it is safe to use by anybody.
  2. Glucose Disposal Agents (GDAs). These groups of weight loss pills inhibit the overproduction of insulin in the body, thus keeping the hormone low. Insulin is the one responsible for the fat storage in the body, thus keeping them low will limit the fat storage and easier access to fat as a source of energy.Whatever class of weight loss pills you are planning to use, it is always best to know which class is the most appropriate for you.