Photographer : What Should They Do?

There are so many photographers who are frequently facing one problem and that is that what should I do? And a lot of expert photographers are giving their tips that what should do. But we never think that what we should not do? In this content, we are going to some vital points those you should not do. I hope this allocation will be so effective for the entire new beginner. Also, an old and expert photographer can read this content and if can get any mistake then can let me know or if you have any lacking then you can recover you.

Let us start:

Want more lenses, tripod, flash etc: Most of the photographer think that the highest number of gear then the better picture. When a beginner gets a camera at his/her hand then he/she wants DSLR. When it is also achieved then wants tripod, lenses etc. Slow brother slow. Learn to work with the hands so, proceed slowly. How much work, so much that you need to understand yourself. Truly before 1 years ago this issue also affected me. But whatever have in my hand now I’m not doing badly. Although I want to say that, I am not perfect for my camera yet.

Never Keep Your Camera at your home: If you keep your camera at your home by lazily while going outside then you will surely be upset when you will see that the sky is so beautiful today and one important event has happened in front of you but due to your camera that you left in your house you are not able to take the pictures.   So what can do now? Nothing. So never keep your camera at your house while going out of the home and it is really vital.

Never apply same tricks to capture all the pictures: This is one of the most common problems for most of the beginner photographer. If they get a trick well for them then they are starting to implanting this trick for the entire picture. Let us go for seeing an example, Did you see the picture of the moon? You can see that most of the photographer has taken its picture in the same way. I was taken by using the same picture once and when I have uploaded the picture on Facebook, within a minutes there were so many pictures like my taken pictures also uploaded. That’s why never implement to take pictures in a same style. Try to find out new technique and this new technique can make you the famous and unique photographer.

Should ask for copyright value: There are so many photographers who does not give any care for asking their photos copyright value. If you ask them then they simply say “let them copy, it is not necessary”.  But this should not leave. If everybody copies your pictures then why you are capturing images by doing hard work? In addition, what you will do in future?  Therefore, you should give value to your pictures copyright. You should not upload your main copy of pictures and should upload a small size of the pictures. Or you can get help from any photo copyright website. Then nobody will able to copy your picture without getting your permission.

Should not use things for copyright: If you use so many things for saving your photos from make them copy then viewers can be disturbed by in such things.

So never put so many sentences or word under your picture to save it from a copy. Just use your own logo in the picture and it will be pretty enough to save your picture or upload the smallest sizes picture, not the real size. Also if you think that your picture have the chance to be stolen then should not upload it to the web. Just upload it where it is necessary.

Never takes all the work at hand: There are so many person who takes work without having proper knowledge. If you do then you can loss your client forever and will get bad feedback. So it is very vital to know the work first then should step forward for getting work. When you think that you are now perfect for photographing then apply for work. Otherwise not. You should keep in mind that reputation is more important than a few money.

Never should try to do everything by own self: If you think that you are expert from all sides and able to handle all the works by own self then you are wrong. You should hire some person for some specific works whether you are expert or not. You may want to pick up your camera and reflect both of by your hand. If you can able to do it then after should not. If you have assistance then this work will be easier for you. Also if you have assistance then your reputation will be increased to your clients.

Should select own place by ownself: There are so many photographers who are not select their own place due to laziness. Or they do not see others work. You should keep in mind that in this sector of photography you have to select your own place by yourself. You should make yourself unique than others.

Measurement: You should always keep yourself on a measurement. If your cost will be huge when you are earning then you should sell out all the unnecessary equipment or should not buy new instruments for photography.

You should plan for your future: Most of the photographer are not aware of their future. That’s why they don’t make any plan for their future. You should plan that what you willing to be after 6 months, 1 year or 10 years. Then by grabbing this aim, you have to go on the way.

Social Media: You should share your picture through social media then others will know your name and thus you can call by any of them to get the job. But this is the thing most the photographer does not.

Own website: Own website is another good way to be familiar. If you have own website then you can easily become popular. Most the photographer does not contain an own website. But Own website can give you a look that you are a professional. Also, it is not very expensive to make an own website.

Don’t think that you will able to correct everything in Photoshop: You should not think before taking photos that whatever will be the mistake you will able to re-correct that by Photoshop. This is why you have to prepare your to mind to take the photo perfectly.
Increase your Photoshop skill: You have to increase your Photoshop skill. However, most of the photographer does not give the care about this issue.  But this is one of the most vital issues you have to give care. In addition, when a photographer has also become skilled in Photoshop then he/she will be able to make the best photo.

So all of the above points and tips are very much vital for every photographer for both expert and beginner. It is essential to follow these to get the best photos and to become one of the best photographers through worldwide.

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