How to Move Heavy Furniture?

How to Move Heavy Furniture

If you want to change your old home to a new home then you have to pack all of your furniture and this kind of packing for movement is not so easy and if anyone does this packing without knowledge then home furniture can damage or destroy forever. For changing a home or for moving a new home you have surely need to learn some basic things to keep your furniture save.

You should make a trip to your nearest supermarkets for purchasing different sizes of boxes for packing. These collected boxes will be used for packing all the little things without big furniture. When all the smallest things are packing off then need to move them first to your new destination. Now the time is to move to your heavy pieces of furniture.

For moving some very heavy furniture you should use room size carpet and this job can take more than 1 person to complete, particularly if the furniture becomes too old as well as made of real wood. Until the time you learn the way to move it easily this job seems to you very hard and tough.


1. From your nearest home goods store or local hardware store, you should buy sliders of suitable size.

2. Now you have to lift each of the corners and should put a slider under in each of the corner of your furniture so that the flat border is towards the floor.

3. When all of the corners of your furniture have sliders then you should move the furniture by holding it low since the resistance is approximately removed and the furniture moves very without difficulty.


1. You should use a rag or old carpet piece under each of the legs of your furniture before start to move with If you have the floors made of wood. So that your floor remains out of risk of scratch and furniture will also move easily.

2. It will be easier to push If you repeatedly shift the furniture and not come to end in the middle. Roughness very much boosts when something comes to an end.

3. You may know broom handles and if you put broom handles underneath then moving heavy object can be easier and in this case, you have to just roll on these.


1. This trikes should not use to shift very heavy and tall furniture like a bookshelf because if use then this kind of furniture can fall and cause a lot of damages. If want to move then one of the best ways is to drop down all the books at first and make the bookshelves empty.

2. During lifting heavy furniture you should lift with your legs at first and then your back and your arms.