How to make your house modern by Wall furniture

How to make your house modern by Wall furniture

Wall cabinet or furniture is now most popular than any other furniture such as wardrobe, almirah, dressing table, showcase etc. Now at home, almost every room is decorated with wall furniture. Particularly bedroom is decorated more than any other rooms by wall furniture.

By using wall furniture we can bring a well-organizing mode in our home. Without a bed, all others can be arranged in the bedroom by wall furniture. Make wall cabinet through the whole wall. It will work as an almirah, wardrobe, dressing table and storage at a time. Cabinet should be high from floor to ceiling and wide should be 1 feet 4 inch. If your wall is large then you can make storage in a side of your wall if you want. Also, you can make a dressing unit beside the wall of your bed.

If you have two rooms then the middle wall will be the wall of two rooms. By taking the whole wall in half you can use this wall for both of the room. For this, you have to paint this wall without the place where you will use for wall furniture. You can use a door to move from one room to another through this wall. For this, you can use a mirror on the door both of the side. As a resulting mirror will seem as a part of your wall cabinet.

Create a cabinet in front of your bed upper side. You can keep there books or photo frames. You can arrange a corner cabinet in a corner of your house. Keep showpieces and indoor plant into it. In your bedroom, you have to keep a study table or computer. Make a cabinet at an open corner of your home and you can keep all other things there. A lot of person wants to keep the TV in their bedroom. In this case, you can keep LCD and LED or smart TV and for this, you have to make a cabinet at your wall in the bedroom. For this choose the front wall of your bed.

Choose the keeping place of your TV according to your bed height. Keeping TV in the middle of the cabinet then you can make bookshelf, showcase and sound system in the upper left and right side of your cabinet.

But you have to choose the right color of your house at first and must keep a good balance between your house fabrics and cabinet. You can use opposite color between wall and cabinet and also keep both of the colors on your bed cover, window cover and in other things.

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