How To Make Happy a Family? : Be careful About 7 Issues

How To Make Happy a Family

Quarrel is one of the vital reasons for not having a happy family life. It can lead couples to break up the relation, it can hamper our child’s life, it can take away the happiness from our family, can change the environment of living of a family and it can lead to our death. After making a relationship it can be seen, that every day’s there is the quarrel. In every day for a bit reason couple are making a quarrel. Without any major reason regularly having a quarrel with each another. By everyday quarrel, attracted to each other continuously reducing.  In such case, most the person cannot able to keep relation to his/her beloved. If a relation breaks for one time then it can never be added like the previous time. But what is the issue for which couples are wasting their time by doing quarrel?

Let us get to know seven reasons about in such quarrels.

Quarrel due to time maintaining:

“You did not give me time properly” This complaint has been done by most of the lovers, husband, and wife. Wife or lover will be employed then most of the husband or lover complain this. On other hands, if husband or lover will remain busier then wife or lover can complain this.

The quarrel about Father-In-law house:

Quarreling about a father in law house is the most common quarrel among most of the couples. Due to not having, a similarity between two families in such quarrel comes on. Husband and wife frequently unable to adjust in such dissimilarity and that’s why quarrel happen.  However, both of husband and wife should be patient about in such issue.

Quarrel for jealousy:

If you feel jealous of your partner about anything then in such jealous can lead you to the quarrel. Suppose your partner has bought a T-shirt for his/her little brother and if you feel jealous for this work and start to think that why he/she did not buy a T-shirt for your little brother then you are going to end. In such thinking and jealous feel will never give you happiness in your marriage life.

A quarrel about money:

If you think that your husband is getting less salary then his colleague then in such thinking can lead you to the quarrel to him. Also if you think that why your husband not giving you so much money like the neighbors’ wife who living beside your house then in such thinking can give you the way to make the quarrel. On the other hand, if your husband will think that why my wife spending too much money and where she spending then in such thinking can also lead him to quarrel with you. In such case, most effective way to avoid quarrel is to make open discussion with each other very patiently.

Quarrel without any reason:

In such quarrel frequently happen between husband and wife. Without any big reasons or for a little reason that can be solved very easily but couples lead it to the quarrel.

Quarrel for Bad Habits:

Couples are frequently made the quarrel for different bad habits. Like smoking, walking into the room by wearing shoes etc. In such quarrel can lead you to the divorce.

A quarrel about the family matter:

For doing, daily works, for bad cooking, for caring about child etc are also reasons behind quarrel.