Love Marriage – Advantages And Disadvantages

We frequently say that marriages are made in heaven. In our society, there are two kinds of marriage we can see frequently happens. One is by the decision of family of bride and groom and another is in love with bride and groom previously and in this case most of the time they get married without their family agreement. They take their own decision as own self and choose their own partner. Arranged marriage and love marriage both of have some advantages and disadvantages. Today we are going to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of love marriage. So let’s describe the topics.

Advantages of Love Marriages

If we give a careful look at love marriage then we will able to see that there are so many advantages.

1. In love marriage, each one gets the freedom to choose their life partner.

2. In love marriage, each of them is only responsible for the results of love marriage whether it is good or bad after marriage life.

3. In love marriage, both of the partners know each very deeply and that’s why they will able to overcome their difficulties easily and can take their bad habits easily.

4. Due to having past relation or love, they don’t shame to discuss anything with each another and thus their problems solve very easily.

5. One can deal better with any future conflict when one knows one’s partner better.

6. In love marriage, there is no pressure in love and that’s why after marriage each of them can able to love more deeply to each another and their loves just come from true feelings.

7. Love marriage also makes a well connected to all class of people and remove the caste-system.

The Disadvantages of Love Marriages

Besides advantages love marriage has a lot of disadvantages too. So let’s allocate about disadvantages

1. In most case, love marriage doesn’t get support from family and even relatives also ignore them.

2. If groom doesn’t have the well financial condition or well job then the difficulties start after a few days of getting married.

3. The chances of break up are really big in love marriage since each of the partners gets a lot of freedom to enjoy and this happens due to not having family bindings.

4. Sometimes love is gone after married and at that time bride and groom will understand that they married just by emotion and they did the mistake. Thus they want to give this relationship an end form and as a result, divorce happens.

5. Due to having freedom of each one, frequently they involve with the quarrel.

6. In love marriage, physical attraction can reduce due to having sex before marriage and thus their relationship becomes weak.

7. In love marriage, if anyone or both of will feel their family members, parents and miss them a lot when they want to move towards them and thus break up happens.

So by reading all of the above points of advantages and disadvantages we can understand that love marriage have merits and demerits too. So we should take decision carefully.

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