Learn How to Whiten Teeth with Adobe Photoshop

Learn How to Whiten Teeth with Adobe Photoshop

One of the most unattractive features you will find when looking at the photos you’ve snapped are teeth that aren’t white. It is something that is instantly noticeable and it is always something that takes a lot away from any photograph. However this problem can be fixed with the aid of programs such as Adobe Photoshop. In this article we will go over the steps for turning your dull teeth into something you want to show off.

This method is fairly simple and only requires the use of any Adobe Photoshop software. To get started you will want to find the picture you are looking to edit and open it inside your Adobe Photoshop program. Then we move on to the first step.

Step 1: Selecting the area around the teeth

To achieve this you will want to look to your left hand item menu and search for what is called the Lasso Tool. The icon for this looks like a little lasso and is located near the top of the menu. Alternatively you can simple press the letter L on your keyboard to quickly switch to it. With the Lasso Tool selected you will want to draw all around the affected teeth. You don’t have to be precise with this selection as it is only temporary. All you must do is have the teeth inside the selection area.

Step 2: Selecting hue and saturation adjustment layer

One you have selected the area around the teeth you will want to go to the very bottom of the Layers palettes and click on the icon that says “New Adjustment Layer” when you hover over it. The icon should look like a black and white circle. Once you have clicked on this a menu will pop up and you will want to click on the selection that reads “Hue/Saturation” which will then bring up a dialogue box. Using Hue/Saturation you are able to remove any yellow color from teeth and also brighten them at the same time.

Step 3: Selecting yellow inside Hue/Saturation

In order to remove the yellow from his teeth you will want to remove the yellow from the entire selection you have made. In order to do this you will want to click the down-pointing arrow near the word “Master” at the top of the dialogue box and select Yellows from the list. Doing this makes it so you only alter the yellow inside this selection. Once you have selected yellow, drag the Saturation slider located in the middle of the dialogue box all the way to the left. Doing this desaturates the yellow from the selection. What this means is it removes all the yellow color from the affected teeth leaving them whiter and brighter.

Once you have completed that step you will want to click Okay in the dialogue box to apply all the changes you have just made. Then simply go to the File menu and hit Save to save your picture with all the changes you have just made. You are now able to use this picture as you please and not have to worry about embarrassing yellow teeth anymore.

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