Key differences between paid hosting and free web hosting

Web Hosting: Free or Paid?

The choice between free or paid web hosting is a big decision that you have to make. This decision calls for a number of considerations. Most people simply put a budget into consideration when deciding about getting free or paid web hosting. You should not commit the same mistake. This is because there are other factors in the picture. You should also think about the features that your site or blog needs. Is this making you confused already? Let’s make things simpler by making a comparison.

Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting is a good choice if you are creating a personal blog or a small website that showcases just a few pictures. There are many benefits when it comes to selecting a web hosting provider that offers free services. Obviously, you get to save money because you do not have to shell out cash for their hosting solutions. For the bandwidth or space you are utilizing, you are not asked to pay anything at all. It is also effective when you want to keep your family and friends updated on a regular basis because it enables you to exhibit your thoughts and pictures. You will be able to give them a safe place over the Internet when it comes to checking out what’s latest with you.

It should be noted that free web hosting also has disadvantages. It won’t let you get your own domain name and backups. Your software options are also restricted, and the same goes to the space that you can use.

Paid Web Hosting

With paid web hosting, you will receive a fixed total of bandwidth and space for a certain amount of money. It is advantageous for many reasons. First, you get their services at a cheap rate. A domain name will also be available for you to utilize. Your site is easy to find with a unique domain name. Total control is another excellent thing about paid hosting solutions. You will be able to put up some ads on your site, allowing you to earn a small amount of money. You will also get access to free software such as email addresses, forum software, and shopping carts. Also, you get to level up the account when you feel the need to do so. Backups are also made available to you.

For the disadvantage, you will have to shell out a small amount of money on a monthly basis. If you are on a tight budget, this can cause a lot of trouble.