Inferior Legal Work ‘divorce’ Cause And Remedy

Inferior Legal Work ‘divorce’ Cause And Remedy

A conjugal relationship ended with divorce. By this, not only the relationship of husband and wife will end as well as the relationship of all the family members between two families also come to end. While divorce is not a crime in our society and has the support of religion, however, it’s back to work for a substandard valid. So as much as possible should refrain from doing this inferior valid. In the case of a second marriage after divorce for women – men both are faced with problems.

As a result of divorce, women become more helpless than men for getting second marriage. Because the woman is dependent on her husband’s income, while the women are divorced and he could go where? Or maybe his parents are not alive now or old and some of them not have any brother and also if they have brothers or brother then they may be busy with their own family. If the brothers gave him shelter then they have to survive on their mercy.

When parents or brothers try to give their marriage to other, they face problems. Without divorced women, nobody will able to understand the problem they have the face in their way of life. On the other hand, men do not face the huge problem. They can get married if they want or they can pass the rest of life without marry because men are not dependent on others. Our society looks suspiciously to a divorced husband – wife. Especially women scoff at society.

Many divorced women say commentary. In this case, men are being claimed a little. In the divorce systems, the biggest problem is to take care of child, guardianship, Inherited of property etc. Sometimes to handle in such situation it becomes necessary to go the court. As a result, children’s are neglected from their parents’ love, affections, and right that gets by birth. In such neglected children are not able to build up their personality on the socializing process.

There are multiple causes of divorce. We have to find those reasons. Then need to try to prevent the divorce. If we do not then there will not be any happiness in our marriage.

Dowry: Among all the reasons of divorce dowry is one of the main reasons. Due to dowry there is so many families already destroyed. Many parents give their daughter marriage by giving the promise to give dowry.  But when they will unable to keep their promise then the daughter is being divorced by a greedy husband.

Physical Relation: Another reason for being divorced is Physical Relation. There are so many unable men whose are not able to provide proper pleasure to their wife during intercourse. Due to moving in a dishonest way and due to going in a different brothel they suffer from various kind of Physical Relation diseases.  As a result, women give them to divorce.

Love affair: Women love affair – a cause of the breakdown of the family. It can happen for so many reasons. Sexual incompatibilities can a cause of love affair after marriage. Misunderstanding can also be a reason. Actually, the family where husband and wife live separately can affect by it more than other families. Goes abroad, such as those who are newly married and his wife often seen mostly gone over to the other man.

Addiction: There are many men who are drunk. They are unable to carry their family due to addiction. Sometimes they beat their wife and also curse them without any reasons due addiction. As a result, happy environment of the family start to go off. Gradually turmoil of the family has increased and then at a time divorce happens.

Polygamy: It is one of the main reasons of divorce. When a man is ⦁ married with another woman without getting the permission of his previous wife then the turmoil has started in the family. Because there are not any women want to share her husband’s love with another woman. Women never tolerate any rival of her. As a result women are forced to leave her husband.

Thus, there are many more factors that cannot be mentioned here in a short range. So women – men should publicly identify the causes of divorce, and to find the way to solve it through negotiations. Without having the good quality of both men and women then it cannot possible to make a happy family. But women should be more qualitative then men. A little bit of quarrel can happen in a family and those should be considered. And if there is any discrepancy in the two matches will be resolved through negotiations. If men are unable to intercourse than both of them should the discussion about this issue and should go to a doctor to get suggestion and to overcome the problem. Then the family will be a truly happy family.