Increase Your Vertical Jump at home by jumping manual

Vertical Jump at home by jumping manual

The Jump Manual is a complete guide that was created to improve a person’s vertical jump. Unlike other vertical jump programs that prioritize general sports, this book focuses on basketball. When playing basketball, it is really of the essence to add a few more inches to your vertical jump. With a higher jump, you will be able to dunk and perform many different techniques.

The Jump Manual is generally an e-book that comes with other relevant materials. When you buy it, you will get an email that comes with instructions for the download. The file to be downloaded is an ebook application which can be managed using your PC. The initial chapters of the book focus on the various mechanics related to jumping. It also discusses the reasons people end up failing to get the results that they want to have. The videos are also combined with different text so that the user will be able to understand all the points.

There are workout strategies presented in the Jump Manual. They also come with techniques for recovery along with good nutrition needed to maximize the workouts that you perform. It also discusses the complete day-to-day exercise routine of jumpers without leaving any significant detail. Also, the book tells users what should be done during training and when the user is not doing any training. The workout program for jumping differs by fourteen days. A unique set of exercise routines are done every day in the span of the fourteen days and this is to make sure that the user will not get tired of performing the exercise. Even if some of the exercises involve the use of weights, you can still choose to do them without using weights.

The main highlight of the Jump Manual is training. It includes plyometrics, strength exercises, quickness drills, and stretching exercises that will provide you with maximum benefits of the workout. Also, the secret formula is in the way that the product enables the user to do all the exercise routines. With the combination of the strategies that the book contains to your basketball drills, you will see positive results.

Even if the Jump Manual is considered to be one of the more pricey programs that are available today, you will see that it is worth every penny that you are going to pay. Since a number of people have already used it and they have seen mainly positive results, it has a high success rate. With the Jump Manual, you will be able to add up to ten inches to your jump within 12 weeks.