How to take better pictures by a camera

How to take better pictures with a camera

There are so many people whom are willing to take photos or images but don’t know that how to take some nice pictures that are looking attractive.

In this content, I’m going to share 16 important tips by following these tips any beginner photographer can capture good photos.

⦁ You should not use UV filter. You may not know that when a lens is a design on then it has made by very carefully. Lens maker always wants to keep useless lens because if the glass will be increased then sharpness will be reduced. When you use a UV filter then you suddenly increase a glass. In the era of film, UV filter was used to protect Ultraviolet rays for keeping save from making it Turbid or bluish. In this era of digital, it is an extra problem. You can think that by putting filter you can keep your lens our of dust.

But for this you have lens cover.

⦁ Lens hood is not so effective. Most of the pro-user don’t use it. It is an extra pain.
⦁ You can buy ½ lens cap more. It can be effective for your many works.
⦁ Don’t camera as a own child. You should keep in mind that a camera is made by keeping in mind that it can be fall in some small pressure or any other problems. So don’t think about your camera and think about your good picture. There are so many people whom are buying camera and then keep it into their desk with very carefully. Why? You have bought your camera for taking pictures. So capture different pictures and make the value of your camera.

⦁ Never make argue with anyone about your taken picture that it’s not bad or so good. You should just keep up capturing. A wise man said that “Never make argue with an untaught person because he/she will turn you down and they will bite you by his/her experiences”.

⦁ If you are going anywhere then keep gear as less as you can. Just keep the gear, which are very essential for you.

⦁ For making easy shoot just use zoom lens. If you use prime lens then you have to think a bit for shooting.

⦁ You will not able to capture good picture if you have good camera until you know that how to take good pictures. But the good camera will make this work easy for you.

⦁ Its not a matter which camera you are taking with you but it’s a matter that you are perfectly known with its operating system.

⦁    10. When you get out with your camera, always keep it open and never close it with lens cap because just 5 seconds is bad enough to make you unable for capturing a good pictures.

⦁ P-mode can be a good friend of you.

12. It requires then increase ISO. Pictures will be more good if you will able to use auto-ISO.

13. For the starting time you have to use rule-of-3rd. It will help you arrange your pictures composition.

14. Takes a plenty of pictures. You should take a things picture for several time in different poses and different angles. When you understand that which picture is not perfect and is not taken well then this pictures should delete immediately. Don’t delay to take it into PC or laptop.

15. When you will go on journey then you should keep one extra battery with your and 2 additional memory card.

16. Before taking a picture just think a bit about the position of the material that you are going to take picture.