How To Start Web Hosting Business?

Start Web Hosting Business

At present time most of the people are willing to to hosting business. That’s why a lot of people frequently asked this question. But you all should keep in mind that hosting business is not a way to be rich in a short time of period. You must need lot of patient and computer and technical knowledge. If you want to become a solid and successful hosting company owner then you must need a background of computer science. But other background people can also do this business if they have computer technical knowledge.

Preparation before starting hosting business:

Before starting this business ask own self

1. How much time you will spend for this business?

Every consumer wants 24 hours support. And for becoming success in the business it is a big factor. That’s why ask own self, will you able to provide support to your customer for 24 hours?

1. How much knowledge you have for hosting software and hosting technology?

You must need knowledge about hosting software and server before starting this business. If you don’t have enough knowledge about this issue then you will not able to continue your hosting business. That’s why you must need enough knowledge about this issue.

1. How much money you going to invest into this business?

At first select that how much money you are going to invest for this business. For hossting business you need a domain, hosting, website, billing software, marketing etc budget.

1. Will you take employee??

You have to think that will you start this business only yourself or will you implement employee for this business. If you will start this business by yourself then all the things will be maintained by yourself and your cost will be less. But it will take your time.

Essential resources for hosting business:

1. Domain: At first you have to opt a nice name for your business.

2. Website: For web hosting business you must need a website. Because your business will be controlled by this website. If you are a web designer then you can design your website by yourself. Then your cost will be bit less. Or if you are not a web designer then you have to take help from a web designer to make your website design. It will take 200-100 USD dollar. Or if you want then you can buy ready made design and it will take 20-200 USD. If your budget will be less then your design will not be unique and I always suggest to make unique design for your website.

3. Billing Software: For hosting business most essential is billing software. If you have billing software then everything will be automation. It will make easy to keep your business accounting and payment options. Software will take 250-350 USD.

Billing Software Recommendations: – The #1 rated billing management software. – A very close match with WHMCS, in my opinion the design is much nicer and admin control panel is more user-friendly.

1. Reseller Hosting/ VPS/ Dedicated Server: You can buy reseller hosting, VPS or dedicated server for your hosting business.

2. Office: If you want then you can do this business by staying at your home. Or if you want then you can rent office space or if you have any empty space then you can use it for your office. At first you will not get lot of customer and that’s why you should start this business from your home.

3. Marketing plan: You can do your marketing through online and offline in both of the way.

Online Marketing: Among online marketing facebook, twitter, myspace, linkeding, instagram are very good platfrom for doing marketing.

Offline marketing: You can give ad on different magazine, newspaper or you can pestering your business. You can also do mobile marketing because this is also very effective in nowadays.