How to Solve Sleeping problems in 8 ways

Nowadays sleeping problem is most heard assuredly, its main cause is using too much smartphone at night. Someone has insomnia problem so it also causes the sleeping problem. If you do not sleep, then its impact will affect the next day’s work. All day long tiredness comes in sight, but it still has to stay awake. There are some ways to stay fresh even when not so sleeping.    

Learn about what to do if you cannot sleep well-

Hot-cold bath: The body feels tired when sleep is low. You can take a bath in a different way in the morning and take a bath. Once in the hot water and once again take a bath with chilled water. This will increase blood circulation and decrease fatigue or sleep. If you do not have time to take a shower, so you can use cold water of little quantity.

Oxygen: We know that oxygen is very very important for our life and cause it, we can live on the earth. But, sometimes we fall into the sleeping problem for less oxygen. We need to increase oxygen for our brain so that we can sleep well. Some tips for keep and increase oxygen-

  1. Lie down on the floor or in any parallel.
  2. Keep one hand on the stomach and put another hand on the chest.
  3. Take a deep breath through the nose and try to feel it with your hands on the stomach.
  4. Leave the breath in the mouth. Feeling that the stomach is penetrating in the abdomen with your hand in the abdomen. Get out of breath.

Please do this 5-10 times.    

Keep Ice-cream for breakfast: Are you surprised? Yes, you should keep ice-cream for your daily breakfast but who has fever or sick for coldness they do not need taking it. If the sleep is less than the ice cream helps to alert the brain. Its cold temperature decreases fatigue due to faster But be aware that it does not become a regular habit.

Do not take tea or coffee: Please do not take too much tea or coffee if your problem is so much. But who has not much sleeping problem they can take them at some time.

Exercise in the morning: Here, no heavy exercise required. Some very free hand exercises or 30-minute walks will increase blood circulation. This will reduce the fatigue caused by sleeping in the night or not.    

Go under open sky: If you can’t sleep well at night, the next day is the biggest trouble for you at work. Sleep will sit on the job. Get out of the open sky for a while after sleeping. Lunch can be eaten outside or 5-10 minutes walk from outside. Sleep will take place and refresh.

Job list: If you can’t sleep, little work seems too much. There is no work to think that there is much work to do. To create a work plan. Keep important tasks at the top of the list. It will be very easy to finish your job done.  

Sufficient light: If there is a shortage of light in the room then there is more chance of getting sleep. To increase the light in the room. Burn all the lights If possible, arrange natural light to come in the room.

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