How to Make Ghosts in Adobe Photoshop

How to Make Ghosts in Adobe Photoshop

Halloween is a time for scaring your friends and loved ones. A good way to achieve this is by creating a few spooky pictures to show off and plague their minds with. This edit job is a fairly simple one and can be completed in just a few minutes with the use of Adobe Photoshop. In just a few moments you will be able to send scary pictures to everyone you know and treat them to a happy Halloween.

Your first real step in this editing process is simply finding a good image to use for the ghost itself. Generally you will want to use something that really convinces a person that there is in fact a ghost inside the image. Other time you will want something that is just spooky in itself such as a screaming face close to the foreground. In any matter you will need to take some time to find the correct image for your ghost. On top of the image you will be using for a ghost you will also want to find the main picture you will use for your spooky picture. This can be anything from scary hallways to graveyards even to an open field. This part is entire up to you and your imagination, however just make sure it is spooky enough.

Once you have your two main images picked out you will want to open them both in Adobe Photoshop. To start you will want to open the image you will be using as a ghost and select the Crop tool. What you are going to do is isolate the particular spot of the image you want to use as a ghost. This can done from using only the eyes to the whole body, you just want to make sure you are only selecting what you require. Once you have cropped you are going to make a new layer on top of your Background Layer. You are going to have to do some brushwork in order to remove the background from the ghost image. Paint in the new layer to be pure black and cover up any part that you don’t want to become the ghost.

Once you have finished painting you will want to switch to your Channels panel. If you can’t find it you can locate it by going to the Window Menu > Channels. Once you are inside you will want to Ctrl + Click on RGB in order to load a selection of all three channels at one time. Once you have selected you will want to create a new layer. Now go to the Edit Menu > Fill and select the option that says Use: White. Once you have done this you will want to go to the Select Menu > Deselect in order to get rid of your selection. You should now have a layer with white painted inside all the highlights. You will now need to open your background image and begin working on it.

To bring your ghost image onto the background you will simple use the Move Tool to click and drag it into the background image. Once you have put it into the desired background you are going to want to do a little fine tuning to its placement with the use of Free Transform, Ctrl + T. Once you have your image in place you are going to create a layer mask. Double click on your mask and go to the Edit Menu > Fill and set it to Use: Black. At this point your ghost may disappear but do not worry as we are about to bring it back. With the layer mask still selected you should navigate to the Filter Menu > Render > Clouds. This will give your image a smoky appearance. At this point you can color your ghost to be any color you desire by creating a solid color adjustment layer.

Once you have colored your ghost to be exactly what you want it to be you are able to save it and proceed to scare all of your friend and family with the image you have just created.