How to Make an Android App

How to Make an Android App

What makes Android App become famous compare to other apps available in the market is its open system. Anybody can create and sell their apps in the store without any approval from any officer or person in –charge. There is no long process also for the apps inventor to wait before their apps will be approved.

As long as the apps is compatible with the device, then it will be accepted by the store and every customer will get a glimpse of the newly introduce apps. It is one great reason why many inventor venture in making android apps because if it will hit the market, they’ll surely earned hundred of dollars for it. But if you don’t have any idea on how to make android app, then the following steps will help you.


Set up the android apps in your Personal computer (PC) – The right software installed in your PC is the key to a successful android apps production. It is because without the right software, the making of apps is too impossible to take place. And after the apps making, you can run a test with your newly produce apps with an android emulator. Android emulator will enable you to see what the apps will look like when it will be already use in the mobile phones.

Choose between the two techniques of android application that can be use with the PC – Other things that should be remember on how to make an android app is the choices between Android Software Development Kit and App Inventor.

The first choice would let you right the code and then helps you to get working with the android environment while the second one simply provides you a drag-and-drop environment that you can use to generate new apps in the building blocks of code and media. Make sure to choose the more convenient with your situation to avoid further problems.

Though a little knowledge in Java programming will be a great help to achieve better result but the following tips mentioned above on how to make an android app can help somehow, especially to those beginners of the android devices.